1979 Baseball Team Receives National Championship Rings
Saturday, May 2, 2009
1979 Baseball Team Receives National Championship Rings

Thirty years ago the Lipscomb Bisons baseball team lost in the NAIA Area 5 Tournament in Birmingham, Ala., apparently ending their season.

But Grand Canyon College, set to go to the NAIA World Series which was scheduled for a then brand new Greer Stadium here in Nashville, celebrated their region win with champagne prompting the president of the school to cancel their bid.

The NAIA Tournament committee granted the Bisons an at-large berth and a second chance. The team, known as the “Miracle” Bisons, took full advantage of that second chance and won the 1979 NAIA National Championship.

Friday night several members of the team returned to the Lipscomb campus where they were presented rings commemorating that title. They also received Lipscomb hats and blue road jerseys which were exact replicas of the ones they wore in 1979.

Team members were to be presented Friday night before the start of a game with Belmont at Ken Dugan Field at Stephen L. Marsh Stadium.  They were to throw out the first ball as well. But the rainy and stormy weather canceled the game.

Members of the team and their families still enjoyed a reception and also had the opportunity to meet the members of the Lipscomb Board of Directors.

Jonathan Seamon, who was the radio voice for the team and also served as athletic director at Lipscomb, called the ring ceremony a chance to properly close the book on what the team had accomplished.

Most of the players present took the opportunity to publicly speak about the season, the team members and the coaching staff. Many were choked with emotions as they recalled the time.