Honduras misson: Day four recap
Wednesday, January 2, 2013
Honduras misson: Day four recap

Lipscomb associate director of athletics for spiritual formation Brent High checks in with an update from day four of the trip to Mission Lazarus in Honduras

Tuesday was another day of hard manual labor at the work site in Nuevos Colorados. We finished removing all of the dirt and rock from the foundation footprint. We also finished completed digging the holes for the rebar and concrete posts that will go in later this week. We moved a load of boulders by hand and placed in position for the foundation wall. A small group of five team members delivered food to 20 different families in the community.

Our team members have naturally settled into jobs at the site that they are perfecting. It reminds me of the passage of scripture about different people having different spiritual gifts. In Honduras, we would rewrite that passage to say something like this:

There are some that are pick axers, some that are hole diggers and some who are talented at twisting wire and building rebar columns. There are game starters and jug band creators, water givers, food carriers and hug givers. There are some that can hoist children into the air. There are those that shovel, those that run wheelbarrows and others who carry boulders. Each adds his or her own gifts and talents to the mission.

There was another soccer game after lunch. It’s neat to watch the level of interaction between our students and the kids increase each day. They are taking it upon themselves now to initiate the contact and their Spanish is improving with each passing hour.

More and more of the kids’ names are now known to our team. In addition to Nehemias (Nehemiah) there’s Alex, Josias (Josiah) and Margarita (Margaret) who are at the work site all day long.

The sun was out in force again today. We fought it with twice the amount of water we took yesterday and a heavy dose of 30 SPF Banana Boat spray.

We enjoyed a delicious meal tonight at Mission Lazarus. We followed that up with a high stakes game of Farkle.

We just finished another very meaningful time of sharing. We close each night out with a time of singing and sharing. Tonight we talked a lot about the poverty we have experienced this week and what it means for us today as Christians.

Thank you for your continued prayers.


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