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Honduras mission: Day six recap
Friday, January 4, 2013
Honduras mission: Day six recap

Lipscomb associate director of athletics for spiritual formation Brent High checks in with an update from day six of the trip to Mission Lazarus in Honduras

Day six included our first round of goodbyes. We finished our work at the home site in Nuevos Colorados. We made and laid concrete all day again. Today was the first day anything sprang up from the foundation floor as the rebar towers were tied into the ground and cemented. By the end of the day we had started pouring the first stages of the walls.

As we finished up our day we invited all of the children that had been hanging on the fence outside the church grounds to come into the main building. We had them sit in a circle and told them to close their eyes. We then presented each of them with either a purple Lipscomb jersey or one of the neon Lipscomb Athletics shirts we printed earlier this year. We also gave the older gentlemen who helped us all week a game-worn old Lipscomb baseball jersey. We all went outside and took a picture together.

From there most of our students wanted to take individual photos with children they had connected with during the week. Nehemias was a rock star. Alex and Josias were in several photos. Josias told us as we were saying goodbye that he was on Facebook and he would friend us. That, of all the things that have happened this week, came across as the strangest thing to me. Here’s a kid in the middle of a third world country in an extremely poor neighborhood who by the time I got back to Mission Lazarus had sent me a friend request on Facebook. The world is such a small place.

Jae Hwang spent most of the day with the kids outside the gate. It was so encouraging to watch him engage with them and give them his full attention. He became a hero in a short period of time to those boys and girls.

I have seen this done on previous trips but today several of our team members gave things of value to the people in Nuevos Colorados. A watch, several hats, shirts and the boots off several of our team members’ feet were given to some of the workers and kids. I had seen Alton, one of the adult workers, take off his shoes earlier in the day and put some folded pieces of the concrete bags in the bottom since there was a gigantic hole in both shoes. One of our guys gave him his rubber work boots. You would have thought Alton had hit the lottery.

We shared another meaningful time of sharing around the fire. We saw several shooting stars while we were sharing. Many team members shared comments about where they saw God this week and how their lives have been changed forever.

I have had a couple of very good, long conversations with a couple of our students who are really seeking in their faith journey. I am so thankful that Lipscomb has chosen to embrace those kids no matter how little Bible knowledge or faith background they have when they come to us.

One of our team members shared with another team member that before this trip they were planning on transferring for second semester. They used this trip as a chance to set the fleece out Gideon style. This student is now so thankful to be at Lipscomb and for the first time has real community.

I am tired. I want to be home. I miss Emily and the boys badly.

We all are tired to some extent. There are a lot of blisters and a few pink shoulders.

Tomorrow the guys who served in Duyure, Honduras last year building an adobe brick house will return to reunite with friends they met. The other group members will be taking a tour of Mission Lazarus via horseback. They will learn more about the orphanage, cattle farm, crops and coffee plantation.

I am blessed to be able to do what I do at Lipscomb thanks to people like you. I have only been a short-term missionary for a year. I left the United States for the first time last December at the age of 37. This is now my third trip to Mission Lazarus in Honduras. I can’t say enough good things about our missions department at Lipscomb. Mark Jent and T.J. McCloud have been so supportive and patient with us as we have sought to provide more opportunities for our athletes to serve in the mission field. I will tell anyone that will listen that I think missions is the best thing Lipscomb does, period.

These trips will continue to increase with our athletic department. Another team made a commitment to serve in 2013 yesterday. We will look forward to announcing more about that trip soon.  

Please continue to pray for us as we seek to grow closer to Jesus of Nazareth.


Almost there,