Bisons Baseball begins 2013 Omaha Challenge
Monday, November 18, 2013
Bisons Baseball begins 2013 Omaha Challenge

Calling all Bison Nation!

Starting Monday Nov. 18 the Lipscomb Bisons baseball team will begin its 2013 Omaha Challenge and they are inviting YOU to come out and support your team as they compete against one another.

This event will begin with 18 positional players and 15 pitchers. They will all compete against each other in 16 individual events, including the sled pull, tire flip, farmers carry and hang clean max among many others.

There will also be six teams competing in seven events.

Individual scores will be added up for all team members and go toward their team score.

Each team will consist of five players and their scores will be averaged together for the sixth score.

Team events scoring will not be included into the individual scoring.

In the end, this challenge will have two individual winners, a pitcher and a position player.

This event runs through Thursday Nov 21. Each day the competitions will start at 3 p.m. and finish at 5 p.m. The outside events will run rain or shine.

On Monday the event will take place in the Athletic Weight Room. To get there enter Allen Arena on the Purple Level. Walk to the end of the hallway past the athletic offices and enter the triple doors on the right. Walk up one flight of stairs and straight into the weight room.

For the remainder of the week, the events will take place at Dugan field. We want a crowd to show up each day to help push and support our players as they tackle this challenge.

Listed below is the Event Schedule:

Monday: Athletic Weight Room
3 Rep Deadlift Max
Bench & DB Max
Front Squat Max
Hang Clean Max
Towel Hang
Team Tug-a-War

Tuesday: Baseball Field
Push Up Lap
Grip Endurance
Farmers Carry
Slosh Pipe Course
Speed & Agility Course
Sled Pull
Team Seated Sled Pull
Team Gator Push & Carry

Wednesday: Baseball Field
Tire Flip
Multiple Medley Course
Carry Medley
Sled Push
Team Half Poles Tire Flip
Team 1 on 1 Tire Tug-A-War
Team Fireman's Carry Relay

Thursday: Baseball Field
Obstacle course Vs. US Military 
Team 60 yard Sprint Relay

You can also follow the action all week on: , Twitter , and Facebook