Baseball completes day one of the Omaha Challenge
Tuesday, November 19, 2013
By Kirk Downs
Baseball completes day one of the Omaha Challenge

Day one of the Omaha Challenge brought the burn for the Lipscomb baseball team as they competed in five individual events and one team event on Monday.

The first five events began the day in the weight room.

In the first event, Towel Hang, one player from each of the six teams lined up and competed to see how long they each could hold themselves up in the air without touching the ground before eventually slipping off.

Geordie Carlson had the best time of 1:49. Jacob Knott was second with a 1:37 mark. Tyler Bethune and John Pryor finished third with a time of 1:36. Pitchers must have strong arms and with this event that holds true as three of the top four finishers were hurlers.

The second event was Bench Press. All lifting scoring totals were based off body weight percentage; weight lifted divided by body weight. So lifting the most weight did not necessarily mean they won the event.

Grant Massey took first place after lifting a total of 365 lbs. Carlson was second with 290 while Weston Wolfe finished third after benching 365.

Drew Adams finished fifth but benched the most weight at 380 lbs. Of the seven players to bench over 300 lbs, three competed for the gray team; Massey, Tyson Ashcraft (325) and Cameron Bair (300).

After working the arms, the players advanced to event No. 3, Front Squat.

Squatting the most weight at 420 lbs., Ashcraft led all players and took first place. Wolfe finished second at 415 lbs. and Hunter Brothers was third after squatting 410. Adams was the only other player to squat 400+ lbs. He ended up sixth with a total of 410.

The fourth event was Hang Clean.

Johnathan Allison took home first place after lifting a total of 115 kilos. Dalton Curtis, the top pitcher, lifted the most weight at 125 kilos and finished second while Mike Korte was third with 100.

Three Rep Deadlift was the fifth and final individual event. Brothers and Ashcraft led the squad with 490 lbs. Will Blalock and Adams tied for third after lifting 455. Three of the top four were pitchers.

The Bisons ended the day one with the first team event, tug-of-war!

The yellow team went 3-0 to win the team event and also to finish day one in the lead with 581 points. The green team stands in second with 553 pts. Black and Gray are third and fourth, just four points apart (520-516). White’s 481 puts them in fifth while Purple is sixth with 476.

Individually Carlson leads the field with 138 points. Ashcraft, just three points behind, is second with 135 and Wolfe is third with 130.

The top three pitchers are Brothers (128), Blalock (97) and Knott (91). The top three position players are Carlson, Ashcraft and Wolfe.

Day two will be held at Dugan Field beginning at 3 p.m. The list of events for Tuesday are (1) Perfect Push-up, (2) Captains of Crush, (3) Farmers Carry, (4) Slosh Pipe, (5) Speed & Agility and (6) Sled Pull.

All Bisons are welcomed to show up to show support and cheer on your Lipscomb Baseball team.