Competition heats up after day two of Omaha Challenge
Wednesday, November 20, 2013
By Kirk Downs
Competition heats up after day two of Omaha Challenge

After a grueling day of weight lifting on Monday, the Lipscomb baseball team hit the turf at Dugan field for day two of the Omaha Challenge.

The six groups started at different stations and rotated around the six individual events until each task was finished.

The first individual event of the day was the sled pull. Each player put weights on a sled that equaled his body weight and pulled the sled by rope. They competed to see how many 30-yard laps they each could pull over two and half minutes.

Johnathan Allison and Nick Androse tied for first place after pulling the sled a distance of 3.8 laps. Ian Martinez-McGraw finished just behind at 3.7 while four other players finished a distance of 3.6 laps.

The next event of the day was the farmers carry. Two players ran the course at the same time while they each carried a 75lb dumb bell. It was a three-minute course to see how many 100-yard laps they each could finish.

Jacob Knott led all players with an impressive 8.2 laps. He was the only one to finish at least eight laps. Dalton Curtis finished second with 7.8 laps. Griffin Moore, Dalton Keck and Brandon Thomas all mustered 7.5 in the brisk temperatures.

After finishing the farmers carry, the players then moved on to the slosh pipe. The pipes were 10 feet long, filled halfway with water and weighed roughly 30 pounds. Each player had to complete the course while making six different movements down and back, including running and shuffling with the pipe above his head, running with the pipe across his chest and broad jumping with pipe above head and also on their back.

Keck had the fastest time of the day and was the only one to finish with a sub two-miute time. He finished with a 1:55 mark. Ashcraft maneuvered the course in 2:15. Monday’s leader Geordie Carlson finished in a tie for third with Blalock with a time of 2:18.

In the speed and agility course that was set up from the left foul pole to dead center field, the players began by leaping over multiple hurdles then running full speed to center field. Once arriving at the cones, they did lateral single leg bounds over parallel lines before doing high knees over mini hurdles. After completing the hurdles each player ran a slalom course around cones before going into a crab walk and bear crawl. To finish they ran high knees through a tire course before sprinting back to the starting point to complete the event.

Keck finished the course with an impressive 1:28 time to lead the field. Hunter Hanks and John Pryor finished second and third respectively with times of 1:30 and 1:31.

Perfect Push-Up was the fifth event of the day. Over a 15-yard course out and back course, the guys completed nothing but pushups to help strengthen their core.

Ashcraft finished in 28 seconds, Keck in 32 seconds and Pryor in 34.

The sixth and final individual event was the captains of crush hold. Each guy had a pair of hand grippers and held a 10-pound weight between the grips for as long as they could. This was completed with both hands.

Allison showed the strongest grip after not letting go until 2:54 minutes had passed. Josh Lee was second with a time of 2:43. Jason Zigler finished just two seconds behind Lee at 2:41.

After completing the six individual events, each team competed in two team events; the Seated Sled Row and the Gator Push & Carry.


White- Drew Adams, Tyler Bethune, Hunter Hanks, Ian Martinez-McGraw, Jamie Young

Purple- Hunter Brothers, John Pryor, Allan Hooker, Cory Farrow, Hunter Anglin, Nick Androse

Black- Nick Rome, Will Blalock, Johnathan Allison, Caleb Woodson, Conor Moynihan

Green- Denton Norman, Austin Sistrunk, Weston Wolfe, Jacob Knott, Geordie Carlson

Gray- Tyson Ashcraft, Josh Lee, Caleb Herndon, Cameron Bair, Grant Massey

Yellow- Griffin Moore, Dalton Keck, Brandon Thomas, Adam Lee, Mike Korte, Jason Zigler

In the seated sled row, each team put 225 pounds on the sled and while sitting on the ground had to work together to pull the sled a distance 30 yards. They had to complete three laps before finishing.

After day one the Yellow team led in team scoring and finished first once again on Tuesday. Completing the order of finish was Green, White, Purple, Black and Gray.

The gator push and carry was the final event of the day. Each team had to transport two 40 pound kettle bells, six chains, one punching bag, four red and blue slosh bags in the gator. Three team members pushed from behind while one member steered and the other sat as a passenger until the team reached the required distance. Once they stopped, the team members had to remove all items from the back and transport everything back on their person to the finish line.

In order of finish: Gray, Green, Yellow, White, Purple and Black.

After day two the individual standings:

1st - Ashcraft -289

2nd - Allison 276

3rd - Grant Massey 274

4th - Carlson 261

5th - Hunter Brothers 250- Pitcher

6th - Weston Wolfe 248

7th - Tyler Bethune 242

8th - Drew Adams 234

9th - Blalock 233 – Pitcher

10th - Curtis 230 – Pitcher

Keck made the biggest jump and finished day two in 14th after starting the day in 28th. On Tuesday, Keck finished in the top five in five of the six events. He went from 44 to 202 points.

Team standings after day two are: Yellow, Green, White, Gray, Black, and Purple.

Day three will be held on Dugan Field beginning at 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Events will run till around 5:30 p.m.

The event schedule for Wednesday:

Tire Flip, Multiple Medley, Carry Medley and Sled Push.

Come out to watch and support your Bisons as they complete the final two days of the 2013 Omaha Challenge.