Baseball's 2013 Omaha Challenge: Day Three
Thursday, November 21, 2013
By Kirk Downs
Baseball's 2013 Omaha Challenge: Day Three

The Lipscomb baseball team continued to battle the 2013 Omaha Challenge on Wednesday with four individual events and two team events.

To get the day started, the players competed in event No. 1 -  the sled push. Each person had to push their body weight back and forth between two cones. The event had a time limit of 2:30 minutes.

Pushing the sled almost 40-yards, Dalton Curtis and Geordie Carlson completed 3.9 laps to take first place. Jamie Young and Will Blalock finished just behind and in a tie for third after grinding for 3.8 laps.

The next event was the multiple medley. The players had to hang from the baseball dugouts and shimmy back and forth over a distance of 10-yards, complete the 100 Russian twists, carry two 75-pound dumb bells over a 50-pace course and then finish by running up and down every single step in the bleachers at Dugan Field.

Only seven of the 33 players managed to break the 2:30 minute mark.

Johnathan Allison recorded the fastest time at 3:20. Geordie Carlson timed out at 3:23 and John Pryor finished just behind at 3:24.

The third event of Wednesday was the carry medley. Each person had to complete a 40-pace course carrying multiple implements, including a 70-pound blue water bag, a 45-pound kettle bell and three chains that equaled 90-pounds in weight.

Dalton Keck had the fastest time of the event by finishing in 1:35 minutes. Tyson Ashcraft was second at 1:38 and Hunter Brothers finished third with a 1:39 mark. Those three were the only players on the team to finish the event under 1:47.

Tire flip was the final individual event of the day. Every player had to see how many times he could flip a 280-pound tire within a time of one minute. Each single flip equaled a distance of five yards.

In an event bound to wear down the strongest of strong men, 11 players tied for first place by flipping the tire 14 times. The 14 flips equaled 70-yards in distance.

The winners included Brothers, Ashcraft, Curtis, Griffin Moore, Brandon Thomas, Grant Massey, Weston Wolfe, Hunter Hanks, Tyler Bethune, Drew Adams and Ian Martinez-McGraw.

Only two players failed to reach double-digit flips. They both reached nine.

On the day, the white team’s combined individual scores gave them the win in three of the four individual events.

After day three the top 10 individual standings:

1st – Tyson Ashcraft - 374

2nd – Johnathan Allison - 276

3rd – Geordie Carlson - 369

4th – Grant Massey – 366

5th– Hunter Brothers - 344 - PITCHER

6th – Tyler Bethune - 334

7th – Will Blalock – 333 - PITCHER

8th – Weston Wolfe - 332

9th – Dalton Curtis – 331 - PITCHER

10th – Drew Adams - 310

Keck made the biggest jump since day one when he finished in 28th.  On Tuesday, Keck finished in the top five in five of the six events and gained 158 points to move into 14th. On day three, Keck finished 1st, 6th, 6th and 12th to pick up 100 points and move up three spots to 11th. In all he has jumped up 17 spots in the last two days.

 After completing the individual competition, it was time for the two team events of the day.


TEAMS: The teams have been complied of the same players all week.

White- Drew Adams, Tyler Bethune, Hunter Hanks, Ian Martinez-McGraw, Jamie Young

Purple- Hunter Brothers, John Pryor, Allan Hooker, Cory Farrow, Hunter Anglin, Nick Androse

Black- Nick Rome, Will Blalock, Johnathan Allison, Caleb Woodson, Conor Moynihan

Green- Denton Norman, Austin Sistrunk, Weston Wolfe, Jacob Knott, Geordie Carlson

Gray- Tyson Ashcraft, Josh Lee, Caleb Herndon, Cameron Bair, Grant Massey

Yellow- Griffin Moore, Dalton Keck, Brandon Thomas, Adam Lee, Mike Korte, Jason Zigler


The first was the 60-yard relay. Each player was required to complete two laps of 30-yards while shuffling, doing the carioca and the backward run.

In order of finish: Black, Purple, Yellow, White, Green and Gray.

The last event of the day was the half pole tire flips. Each team selected four members to flip the 280-pound tire from one foul line to center field. The team members took turns flipping while also jumping in-and-out of the tire as it moved along the outfield warning track.

 In order of finish: Green, Gray, White, Yellow, Black and Purple. 


TEAM Standings after day three:

1st - Yellow- 1,920 pts.

2nd - Green - 1,837 pts.

3rd - White - 1,808 pts.

4th - Gray - 1,691 pts.

5th - Black - 1,655 pts.

6th - Purple - 1,464 pts.


On Thursday, the final day of the Omaha Challenge, the Bisons will be joined by a team of five Military servicemen who will participate in all the events on the day. The final two events will be an obstacle course and the fireman’s carry relay. Servicemen who will be competing are:

Major Dave Morandi

Captain Trey Robinson

Tech Sergeant Chris Hill

Staff Sergeant Robert Smith

Staff Sergeant Brandon Eckel

The final day will begin with the playing of the National Anthem. Captain Robinson has spoken to the Bisons before the challenge each year and will continue to do so on Thursday. There is no better way to start the day’s events than with the playing of the Anthem with the servicemen present.

Captain Robinson will lead off the obstacle course followed by six players and then another one of his team members.

The players will compete in reverse order of their ranking, meaning those in last place will run first and those in first place will run last.

The last event of the 2013 Omaha Challenge will be the fireman’s carry relay. Each player will carry other teammates and also be carried themselves just like a fireman carrying an injured person from a burning building or a wounded soldier being carried from the battlefield.

 Come out to watch and support your Bisons as they complete the final two days of the 2013 Omaha Challenge. Be there a little before 3 p.m. in order to get a seat and not miss any of the action.