Solomon's Corner: A Business Trip To Florida
Thursday, May 21, 2015
By Lee Solomon
Solomon's Corner: A Business Trip To Florida

“I’ve got a feeling we’ll be playing past this week. I’ve been feeling it for a while now.”- Coach Forehand said after a team practice on Monday. 

The past 48 hours have been plenty eventful for my teammates and I as we prepare for the 2015 Atlantic Sun Conference Tournament. It’s hard to believe that this point in our season is finally upon us because it has always seemed like the postseason was so far away. Now we’re embarking on a journey to take the Lipscomb baseball program to new heights. 

If you don’t know me, my name is Lee Solomon. I’m a freshman infielder and over the next few days I’ll be writing about day-to-day life down in Florida for the Bisons during the tournament. 

I have to say, our actual trip down to Ft. Myers did not go as smoothly as any of us imagined. We rode down here on sleeper buses, which are arguably the most enjoyable method of transportation we use because of the space, bed availability, television and lounge access.

But this time about halfway into our trip we lost two important ingredients that make any long distance trip bearable: electricity and air conditioning. 

Now as comical as it was to watch Coach Brian Ryman bake on the bus couch, attempting to cool down by holding a refrigerated Gatorade bottle to his head, or seeing everyone freak out about their phones dying, it goes without saying that the ride became brutal. We stopped on the side of the rode multiple times, switched buses, left one malfunctioning bus behind and after a hellacious few hours we finally arrived safely. 

As rough as that was, things have certainly straightened up since we've settled in here in Ft. Myers. At this point it’s all about routine. We’ve had two practices to this point in the ridiculously humid Florida weather, and despite the heat everyone looks comfortable on the field. In my eyes, as comfortable as we have been all season. We’ve got confidence, we’re playing loose, and as a freshman, it’s cool seeing our older guys get geeked up about competing for a title.

Our last order of business tonight was the All-Conference Banquet organized for all the teams to congregate for post-season award recognition. It was a good program and it was nice seeing my teammates get rewarded for their hard work, especially as an infielder seeing Grant Massey win Defensive Player of the Year. But above everything, was the conversation Jeff, Brady, and I had with Grant about championships at our table. 

Massey was telling us about some of the rings he had won in the past, elaborating about how much fun this time of the year is because there is so much on the line. I think that edge is what will make this team great this week because our roster is filled with guys who are willing to face the challenge. We know there’s no substitute for competitive nature and with so much riding on the next few days it’s fair to say the team with the strongest will to win is going to come out on top. I may be a little bit biased, but I think that is us.

Anyway, the last couple days have been great, but it’s time to put our words into action. This is a strong group we’ve got down here, so we might as well win.