Baseball's Omaha Challenge sees lead changes on Day 5
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
By Kirk Downs
Baseball's Omaha Challenge sees lead changes on Day 5

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Lipscomb baseball team wrapped up day five of its 2014 Omaha Challenge with four individual events and three team events.

Before starting the challenge the entire baseball team, made up of 17 pitchers and 17 positional players, was paired off into six teams before competing in 20 individual events as well as six team events. There will be two individual winners in the end– one pitcher and one position player.

After finishing day 1 in fifth place overall, it is freshman Lee Solomon who has led the overall standings in each of the last three days of competition. Solomon (501 pts) will carry a three-point lead into the final day over Jonathan Allison (498).

Dalton Curtis picked up two top-3 finishes Wednesday to lead all pitchers with 466 points overall. Geordie Carlson is just behind with 465.

In the first event on Wednesday, the Tire Flip, it was freshman Michael Gigliotti who placed first with 30 flips. Curtis and Allison finished behind him with 28 and 27, respectively.

The next event was a mini obstacle course. Senior shortstop Grant Massey clocked the best time at 3:34, while Geordie Carlson (3:46) and Allison (3:54) rounded out the top three.

In the third individual event of the day, Carry Medley, freshman Jeffrey Crisan (2:39) took top honors. Tyson Ashcraft (2:43) narrowly edged out Carlson (2:44) for second.

The sled push saw two pitchers, Will Blalock and Curtis, tie with the furthest distance at 7.5 meters.

In the first team event of the day the players had to each carry a medicine ball 60 yards while trying to record the fastest time. It was Team Coon winning its first event of the challenge. Team Ryman placed second followed by Team Ogden.

It was Team Hoss picking up its third win of the week in the Medicine Ball Scoop Toss Relay. No other team has won more than one event. Team Forehand finished second for its highest finish so far while Team Phillips finished third.

Wednesday’s final event, Olympic Bar Push-Up and Row Relay, saw Team Phillips grab its first top-place finish of the week and its fifth top-3 finish. Team Ryman earned a second-place finish for the third time in the challenge while Team Hoss finished third.

Heading into the final day of competition it looks to be a three-horse race for the top team honor, with Team Hoss, Team Ryman and Team Phillips jockeying for the top spot.

Team Hoss entered Wednesday trailing Team Ryman by 25 points, but it made a surge taking the top spot with 783 points on the day. Team Ryman collected 746 and now trails by 11 points (2,720 – 2,709).

It was Team Phillips pushing itself back into contention with a group-high 822 points on Wednesday and now trails the leader by just 44 points.

Fans are encouraged to come out to Ken Dugan Field at 3 p.m. Thursday for the final day of the Omaha Challenge where everyone will compete in the final two events. The players will compete as individuals in the obstacle course before coming together in the Fireman’s Carry Relay to determine the 2015 winners.

Listed below are the rules and scoring system for the entire challenge, as well as the teams and up-to-date daily standings.


1st – Lee Solomon – 501 pts

2nd – Jonathan Allison – 498 pts

3rd – Grant Massey – 494 pts



1st – Dalton Curtis – 466 pts

2nd – Geordie Carlson– 465 pts

3rd – Jamie Young – 396 pts



1st – Team Hoss – 2,720 pts

2nd – Team Ryman – 2,709 pts

3rd – Team Phillips – 2,676 pts


Bison Baseball 2014 Omaha Challenge


  1. There are 17 pitchers and 17 position players competing against each other in 20 individual events.  There will be two individual winners - one pitcher and one position player. There are six teams competing in eight team events and in the end there will be just one Winning Team.  Individual event scores will be added up for all team members and that total will go toward the team score.  Only five players’ scores will count with the lowest score being thrown out on teams of six for individual events.  Teams that do not have five countable scores due to injury, their lowest score will be doubled to count as the 5th score for the individual event. Team event scoring will not be included into the individual scoring. Only five players will participate in team events.
  2. Individual events receive point values: 1-34 depending on place of finish (1st place will receive 34 and so on down the list). The final individual event is the Obstacle Course and is worth double the point value individually and towards the team score for that event. The final team event, the Fireman’s Carry,  is also worth double points.
  3. The Winning team will receive a T-shirt and their name/picture on the plaque in the weight room.
  4. "Everything Counts" - Every rep, every step and every second make a difference.



FOREHAND - Mike Korte, Nick Andros, Chucky Vazquez, Jaesung Hwang, Ben Lee, Quinn Moynihan

HOSS - Tyson Ashcraft, John Pryor, Lee Solomon, Jamie Young, Ian Martinez-McGraw, Cody Glenn

OGDEN - Hunter Hanks, Will Blalock, Tyler Brown, Denton Norman, Tyler Bethune, Tevin Symonette

COON - Grant Massey, Griffin Moore, Caleb Woodson, Jeffrey Passantino, Kyle Kemp, Blake O'Neal

PHILLIPS - Jonathan Allison, Dalton Curtis, Allan Hooker, Brady Puckett, Kyle Weller

RYMAN - Adam Lee, Josh Lee, Michael Gigliotti, Geordie Carlson, Jason Ziegler, Jeffrey Crisan



Schedule of Events and Results




Back Squat – Single Rep Max – Body Weight affects standing

1st - Lee Solomon – 475 lbs

T2nd -Tyler Bethune, Will Blalock – 455 lbs


DB Rep Max (pitchers) - Bench 1 Rep Max (position) – Body Weight affects standing

1st - Jonathan Allison -320 lbs

2nd - Tyson Ashcraft - 350 lbs

3rd - Grant Massey – 305 lbs


10 Yard Dash

1st - Quinn Moynihan – 1.467 seconds

2nd - Allan Hooker – 1.486 seconds

3rd - Grant Massey – 1.490 seconds



1st - Geordie Carlson – 4.118 seconds

2nd- Jaesung Hwang – 4.156 seconds

3rd - Grant Massey – 4.167 seconds


No Step Vertical

1st - Allan Hooker – 37.75 inches

2nd - Michael Gigliotti – 34.25 inches

T3rd - Dalton Curtis, Brady Puckett - 32.75 inches





60 Yard Sprint

1st – Allan Hooker – 6.63 seconds

2nd – Michael Gigliotti – 6.70 seconds

T3rd – Tyson Ashcraft, Tyler Brown – 6.77 seconds


3 Rep Deadlift Max

T1st – Chucky Vazquez – 210 lbs

T1st – Tyson Ashcraft – 210 lbs

T1st – Kyle Kemp – 210 lbs


Pull-Up Max

T1st – Lee Solomon – 23x

T1st – Jonathan Allison – 23x

3rd – Grant Massey – 21x


Towel Hang

1st – Adam Lee – 2:16

2nd – Josh Lee – 1:41

T3rd – Grant Massey, Tyler Bethune – 1:41





1st - Team Hoss

2nd - Team Phillips

3rd - Team Ryman


Ultimate Frisbee Tournament:

1st - Team Hoss

2nd - Team Ryman

3rd - Team Ogden




Spiderman Perfect Push-Up Lap:

1st - Hunter Hanks - (0:19)

2nd - Geordie Carlson - (0:26)

T3rd – Tyson Ashcraft, Dalton Curtis - (0:27)


Captains of Crush Silver Bullet Hold:

1st – Jaesung Hwang - (2:16)

2nd – Tevin Symonette - (2:10)

3rd – Lee Solomon - (2:00)


75 lbs Farmers Carry:

T1st – Jaesung Hwang, Tyler Brown, Griffin Moore, Blake O’Neal, Josh Lee – (30)


Slosh Pipe Medley:

1st – Tyson Ashcraft - (1:40)

2nd – Michael Gigliotti - (1:41)

T3rd – Geordie Carlson, Grant Massey - (1:42)


Speed & Agility Course:

T1st – Quinn Moynihan, Grant Massey - (0:45)

3rd – Tyler Bethune - (0:47)


Backwards Sled Pull:

1st – Michael Gigliotti – (6.6)

T2nd – Nick Andros, Jonathan Allison - (6.4)


Valslide Plank Crawl Relay [TEAM EVENT]:

1st – Team Ogden

2nd – Team Hoss

3rd – Team Phillips


Olympic Bar Team Member Carry Relay [TEAM EVENT]:

1st – Team Ryman

2nd – Team Phillips

3rd – Team Hoss




Tire Flip:

1st – Michael Gigliotti – (30)

2nd –Dalton Curtis – (28)

T3rd – Grant Massey, Jonathan Allison – (27)


Mini Obstacle Course:

1st – Grant Massey – (3:34)

2nd – Geordie Carlson – (3:46)

3rd – Jonathan Allison – (3:54)


Carry Medley:

1st – Jeffrey Crisan – (2:39)

2nd – Tyson Ashcraft – (2:43)

3rd – Geordie Carlson – (2:44)


Sled Push:

T1st – Will Blalock, Dalton Curtis - (7.5)

3rd – Tyson Ashcraft – (7.1)


60-Yard Med Ball Relay [TEAM EVENT]:

1st – Team Coon

2nd – Team Ryman

3rd – Team Ogden


Med Ball Scoop Toss [TEAM EVENT]:

1st – Team Hoss

2nd – Team Forehand

3rd – Team Phillips


Olympic Bar Push-Up & Row Relay [TEAM EVENT]:

1st – Team Phillips

2nd – Team Ryman

3rd – Team Hoss



Obstacle Course:TBA

Fireman's Carry:TBA