Construction begins on day two for baseball mission
Saturday, December 13, 2014
Construction begins on day two for baseball mission

Lipscomb associate director of athletics Brent High reports in from day two of the baseball's teams mission in the Domincan Republic.

Day two was a full work day….and night….for the Lipscomb Baseball Dominican Republic mission team. Today was the first time we got a look at the area we would attempt to convert into a “Field of Dreams” for the people of this community. Let’s just say it was a rough first impression.

The people here had taken down what was left of the previous backstop but the bricko-block wall and footer was still intact. The field itself was covered in trash of all kinds. There was extremely high grass and other plants invading the edges of the field.

We had our work cut out for us.

We immediately went to work removing the wall, footer and rebar. One group picked up trash. Another started the process of getting rid of all the high grass and plant life around the field.

Coach Forehand went to work measuring and staking out where the bases would be, where the baselines needed to be edged and where the home plate and pitcher’s circles needed to be. Then the back-breaking work of clearing the field of all the unwanted grass began.

While one team worked on the field, another team began the process of measuring for the holes that would be needed for the new backstop support poles. Those guys worked their tails off most of the day with post-hole diggers digging those holes. Some needed to be 5-feet deep.

Once the holes were dug, another team went to work making concrete. We worked well into the night. We actually needed a couple of head lamps to finish setting the poles. All nine of them were set in concrete before we left. We felt like we accomplished a great deal today and it sets us up well to finish Monday-Wednesday.

Kids and new friends that are passionate about baseball were definitely the highlight of the day. They jumped in and helped us with each and every task. Every now and then one of our guys would go out and throw with some of them.

Tomorrow we will attend a local church service. Then we have been challenged to what sounds like a fastpitch softball game by the locals.

The guys are such hard workers. They have been terrific with the kids at the work site. Lipscomb and their families should be proud.

Everyone is well. We would appreciate your praying that continues to be the case. More than that, pray that lives continue to be impacted.

My bag just arrived with all of my clothes (thanks American Airlines) so this guy needs to take a shower.

Thanks for your support.

If you haven’t made a contribution to the trip and would like to, please go to and designate your gift for the Dominican Republic Baseball trip.

Almost there,