Marsh's gift launches Dugan Field facelift
Wednesday, October 28, 2015
By Kirk Downs
Marsh's gift launches Dugan Field facelift

Lipscomb Athletics is in the midst of a planned $200,000 facility upgrade that will transform the 24-year-old Ken Dugan Field at Stephen L. Marsh Stadium into a modern, fan-friendly venue that will be home to one of the top baseball facilities in the country.

Along with the already completed top-of-the-line hitting area, the renovation includes new chair back seating and an LED scoreboard. These enhancements were made possible by a gracious donation from longtime Lipscomb supporter, Lee Marsh.

“Each year we try to do something to enhance the stadium,” Lipscomb baseball head coach Jeff Forehand said. “We would like to thank Mr. Marsh for his donation. Because of his generosity, we were able to get new seats and a scoreboard. These additions will really help the atmosphere and help the fans enjoy the games more.

“These were the first two projects out of the chute, but there are a few more upgrades we want to put in motion as well. I could not be more excited about the future of this program.”

The improvements began with the addition and installation of 437 dark green chair back seats, up from the original 350, which include cup holders. Each seat will be 22 inches wide, the roomiest seat offered by American Seating Company, have “Power L” end standards and will offer the maximum number of back slats to enhance fan comfort.

Also, the bleachers are being enhanced with a new green permacap to match the chair backs.

The complete 10-inning scoreboard will stand beyond the right field fence at 19 feet tall and 36 feet wide. It will include a decorative truss with the “Power L” logo, ad panels and Lipscomb baseball branding, which will all be back lit in order to illuminate during night games.

The new scoreboard, produced by Nevco, a leading scoreboard manufacturer, will replace one of the oldest boards in the conference – dating back to 1991 when Dugan Field was first built.

Another appealing aspect for fans will be a pitch speed board that shows how fast each pitch is being thrown. It will be located adjacent to the scoreboard.

Completed in the spring of 2015 was a new hitting area for the Bisons that included new carpeting, new nets, a drainage system around the facility, along with a retaining wall and a sidewalk that provides a pathway from the field.

 Marsh donated $100,000 to this project with the hope that former players, donors, parents and friends of the program will be inspired to match his gift. The stadium is named after his son Stephen, so it is only fitting that the money goes toward these new additions.

If you would like to make a contribution, please contact Andy Lane (Associate Athletic Director for Development) by email: or by phone: (615) 966-5853.

“Our dream is for this to be the beginning of an on-going enhancement for Dugan Field,” Lane said. “The program is blessed that Lipscomb has made such a commitment to have some of the best athletic facilities around. This is a great jumpstart.”