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Lipscomb claims Boulevard Trophy in all-sports race against Belmont
Thursday, May 3, 2018
Lipscomb claims Boulevard Trophy in all-sports race against Belmont

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – After meeting 18 times in 13 sports throughout the fall and spring seasons, Lipscomb Athletics has been crowned the inaugural winner of the Boulevard trophy over Belmont.

The trophy was awarded to the Bisons after winning the all-sports race by a score of 11-7.

In August, the athletic departments from Lipscomb and Belmont jointly announced the beginning of an all-sport Battle of the Boulevard series. Any time the schools played against one another in any sport, the winner was awarded a single point.

After winning four of the first five meetings between the schools in 2017-18, and then adding a pair of men’s hoops victories on the hardwood, the Bisons never trailed in the trophy standings.

The Boulevard trophy was officially clinched on April 10 when the Lipscomb men’s golf team registered a 2nd-place finish in the Ryman Hospitality Intercollegiate, while Belmont finished 11th.

Rooted in men’s basketball, the Battle of the Boulevard rivalry added a little extra spice to the crosstown rivalry with the all-sports race. The quest for the trophy in 2018-19 promises to be even better.



August 11 (Women’s Soccer) - Lipscomb 2, Belmont 0
September 2 (Women’s XC) - Lipscomb 2nd, Belmont 3rd
September 2 (Men’s XC) - Belmont 1st, Lipscomb 2nd
September 16 (Men’s XC) - Lipscomb 3rd, Belmont 5th
September 16 Women’s XC) - Lipscomb 5th, Belmont 8th
September 29 (Softball) Belmont 7, Lipscomb 5
October 10 (Volleyball) Lipscomb 3, Belmont 1
October 30 & 31 (Women’s Golf) Belmont 2nd, Lipscomb 4th
November 27 (Men’s Basketball) - Lipscomb 74, Belmont 66
November 27 (Women’s Basketball) - Belmont 91, Lipscomb 59
December 4 (Men’s Basketball) - Lipscomb 69, Belmont 54
February 9 (Women’s Tennis) - Lipscomb 5, Belmont 1
March 2 (Men’s Tennis) - Lipscomb 6, Belmont 1
March 13 (Baseball) - Belmont 8, Lipscomb 7
March 25 (Men’s Soccer) - Belmont 3, Lipscomb 2
April 9 & 10 (Men’s Golf) - Lipscomb 2nd, Belmont 11th
April 24 (Baseball) - Belmont 8, Lipscomb 6
April 24 (Softball) - Lipscomb 13, Belmont 2