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Baseball's Tim Pardue: Where Are They Now?
Thursday, February 13, 2020
Baseball's Tim Pardue: Where Are They Now?

He was a highly recruited left-handed pitcher from Lipscomb High School who came across campus to be coached by a renowned head coach and by Nashville’s best pitching coach. Tim Pardue became one of the Bisons’ most accomplished pitchers, earning a 12-0 record in 1977 and totaling 40 wins in his college career. He was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 1979 but opted for the business world, where he’s been equally successful. We caught up with this Lipscomb Athletics Hall of Famer (1994) this week when Tim sat down with


What years did you compete for Lipscomb?

I pitched on the baseball team from the fall of 1975 through the spring of 1979. Ken Dugan was our head coach and Roy Pardue was pitching coach.


What teammate was most memorable?

I will always remember Reggie Whittemore, who started playing baseball at age 12 and became a star outfielder for McGavock High School and the Bisons.


What degree have you earned?

I studied Business and Marketing at Lipscomb and graduated in 1979.


Why did you attend Lipscomb?

My Lipscomb career started in 7th grade at the junior high/middle school. I graduated from Lipscomb High School in 1975 and received a baseball scholarship offer from the college. I knew the Bison coaching staff was proven and I liked Lipscomb and Nashville, so I accepted it.


What is your favorite athletic memory at Lipscomb?

It would be hard to top two NAIA National Championships. We won in 1977 and 1979, and I will never forget.


Who influenced your athletic career at Lipscomb?

Several people at Lipscomb were helpful, but Coach Dugan and Coach Pardue had the greatest influence.


What do you remember about Lipscomb campus life during your time here?

I remember Lipscomb and Nashville being different in those days. To me, Nashville felt like just a small town in the late 1970’s. Lipscomb struck me as a Christian campus that was unquestionably family-oriented. Those were good combinations for me.


What is the most valuable lesson you learned in your time at Lipscomb?

I learned to stay focused on the Lord and He will always help you find your way home.


Who were your favorite professors?

My favorites were Dr. (Axel) Swang in Business/Accounting, Dr. (Marlin) Connelly in Bible/Speech, and Dr. (Ralph) Nance in Physics/Engineering. All three showed personal interest in their students and had a strong influence on me. They were also huge baseball supporters.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Nashville and graduated from Lipscomb High School.


What do you do now?

I’m the owner and the COO of Centurion Stone in Nashville.


Tell us about your family:

I’ve been married to Anita for 33 years and we have two daughters (Erica and Lyndi), two sons (Trevor and Trent), three granddaughters and two grandsons. 



  • Favorite food: Steak
  • Favorite TV show or movie: Top Gun
  • Favorite Bible scripture: Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25)
  • Favorite sports team: Boston Red Sox
  • Pet peeve: Organization
  • Person I most admire: My Dad, Roy Pardue
  • Person I’d most like to meet: Donald Trump
  • Rather ride or drive? Drive
  • Pick one – salad or dessert: Dessert
  • Dream vacation spot: Australia
  • Early morning or late night person? Early morning