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The 300 designation is reserved,within the umbrella of the National Bison Club, for all who have chosen to support our Student-Athletes and our programs by providing $1,000 per year or more in unrestricted support. In doing so, members of The 300 serve as the foundation of Lipscomb University Athletics programs that are striving to excel in the classroom, in competition, in service to our community and exemplifying the Christian values upon which Lipscomb was built.  If you are interested in comitting to the continued excellence of the program by becoming a member of the 300 please contact Shelby McCreary at or by calling 615-966-5855.


National Bison Club Members



Lucian and Emily Acuff
Don and Joan Alexander
Casey and Sunni Alexander
Jim and Linda Allen
Bob Doochin
Gary and Portia Baker
Alan and Stephanie Banks
Pat and Cynthia Bennett
Frank and Jan Bennett
Dr. Don and Nancy Bennie
Rick and Cindy Betts
Bayron and Patricia Binkley
Ricky and Debbie Bowers
Robbie and Samantha Brackett
Jerry Brannon
Jackie Bradford
Stu and Dot Brandt
Stephen and Lori Bridges
Gene and Camille Brosky
Patrick Cameron
Mike and Bonnie Carmody
Dean and Sandy Chase
Jay and Kim Chaudoin
Oakley and Janice Christian
Bryan and Natalie Church
Steve and Susan Church
Eddie and Sandy Clausel
Tommy Clevenger
Mike and Rita Cochrane
Gerald and Joanne Coggin
Bill and Patti Connelly
Doug and Kathy Cope
Jerry and Sharlet Cover
Bryan and Tina Craun
Dr. Brian and Belle Cromwell
Jeff and Julie Dale
Mac and Barbara Davis
Hank and Robbie Davis
Hilton and Sallie Dean
Bill Dean
Barry and Janet Dean
Daniel   Dennison
Lassie Draper
Mike and Amory Dugan
Dr. Tom and Judy Duncan
Mike and Kay Duncan
Joe  Dunn
Lum (via Mark French) Edwards
Phil & Leigh Ellenburg
Rodney and Dr.Carole English
Buford and Dot Eubanks
Dr. Gil and April Ezell
Mark and Martha Ezell
Dr. Roy and Marian Ezell
Miles and Linda Ezell
John and Janene Ezell
Marilyn Ezell
D. J. and Kella Farris
Ronnie and Emily Ferguson
Dr. Steve and Patsi Flatt
Gynnath and Ruth Ford
Jeff and Karen Forehand
Charles and Martha Frasier
Tim  Freese
Mark and Mary French
John and Betty Friend
Dr. Linda Garner
Joe and Angela Gaskins
Dr. Farrell and Virginia Gean
Greg and Loa Glenn
Robin George
George and Janice Goodwin
Randy and Debbie Gott
Alice Ducan Green
Mike and Teresa Green
Dr. Eric and Melanie Grogan
Scott and Leanne Hall
Greg and Linda Hardeman
Bart and Allison Harper
Trey and Beth Hartman
Keith and Kim Hays 
Tom and Mary Beth Herring
Dr. Junior and Donna High
Brent and Emily High
Dr. Doy and Rita Hollman
Dr. Bob and Bonnie Hooper
Dr. Jeff and Jenny Hunter
Dr. Ronnie and Barbara Hunter
Robert and Beth Hutcheson
Philip and Vera Hutcheson
Roger and Jennifer Idstrom
Ralph and Rae Isenberg
Joe and Malinda Ivey
Dr. Gary and Karen Jerkins
Marty and Jane Kittrell
Andy and Stephanie Lane
Walt and Carol Leaver
Dr. John and Melissa Lowry
Dr. Randy and Rhonda Lowry
Dr. Jeff Mankin
Todd and Julie Maples
Dr. Ray and Jane Marcrom
Lee Marsh
Dr. Richard and Joyce Martin
Bob Mason
Dr. Brian and Lorri Mast
Brian and Jennifer Masterson
Dr. Don and Vickie McAlister
John and Diane McCarley
Mike and Beth McFarlin
Mark McGee
Dr. Carl and Joyce McKelvey
John and Janet McMeen
Dr. Leon and Harriett McQueen
Dr. Andy and Dr. Candice McQueen
Dr. Perry and Dawn Moore
Dr. Houston and Melanie Moran
Dr. Joe and Rita Morgan
Dr. Justin and Kelly Morgan
Rob and Ellen Mossack
Betty Nance
Guy and Pat Nerren
Doris Nikolaus
Burt and Lisa Nowers
Burt Nowers, Sr
David and Linda Osborne
Dr. Matt and Kagney Paden
John and Tammy Paul
Dr. John and Dr. Jill Parker
Henry and Jean Peebles
Chad Pepper
Deb Phillips
Bill and Lenn Prady
Scott and Dr, Ann Price
Pat Price
Eddie and Becky Puckett
Dr. Steve Raney
David and Jessie Rosenblum
Brandon and Kate Rosenthal
Dr. Brent and Abby Rosser
Dr. Ralph and Mimi Samples
David and Gerry Sciortino
Robert and Netta Scott
Jonathan and Barbara Seamon
Ralph and Harriette Shivers
Paul and Janet Shoun
Gary and Elizabeth Simons
Bryan Skelton
Derek and Kristi Smith
Bryan and Karyn Smith
Mike and Diane Smith
John and Ruth Smitherman
Chris Snoddy
Neika Stephens
Wayne Stephens
Paul and Lesa Stovall
Barry and Sherri Stowe
Patrick and Sabrina Stubblefield
Butch and Angela Stinson
Dr. Ronald and Susan Swang
Richard and Stacey Taylor
Josh and Mandi Terry
Shannon and Falon Terry
Dr. Bill and Martha Thetford
Tim and Linda Thomas
Dr. Jim and Patra Thomas
Coy and Sadie Thompson
Wil and Dr.Carrie Thornthwaite
Dr. Jeff and Paula Todd
Daniel and Carey Tomlinson
Wade and Jennifer Tomlinson
Dr. Sid and Suzanne Verble
Dawson and Vicki Updike
Gary Walller
Jay and Stephanie Walton
Clint and April Watson
Bob Wellerding
Frank and Suzanne Wheeler
Dr.Bruce White
Dr. Mark and Jenni Whitefield
Josh and Lori Williford
Ernie and Jerry Williams
Frankie M. Williams
Randy and Carolyn Wright
Terry Woodall
Jim and Faye Yates