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Hall of Fame

The Lipscomb University Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 1986 by the Bison Club in cooperation with the Lipscomb University Athletics Department.

The Hall of Fame recognizes and honors those individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the achievements and prestige of Lipscomb University in the field of athletics and who have continued to demonstrate in their lives the values imparted by intercollegiate athletics.

Individuals are recognized in three categories, Athlete, Coach and Meritorious Service. An individual becomes eligible for induction 10 years after leaving Lipscomb University. A candidate that has been inducted into a National Hall of Fame will be exempt from the 10 year requirement and highly considered. What an individual accomplished during their time at Lipscomb and their achievements since leaving Lipscomb are taken into consideration.

The Lipscomb University Athletics Hall of Fame is located in Allen Arena along the western concourse.

Name Type Year Inducted
Eugene Boyce Coach 1986
Will Brewer Athlete 1987
James R. Byers, Jr. Meritorious Service 1987
Ken Dugan Coach 1987
Tom Hanvey Coach 1987
Herschel Priestley Coach 1987
Lyn Baker Athlete 1988
George McIntosh Athlete 1988
Robert Neil Coach 1988
Chuck Ross Meritorious Service 1988
Butch Stinson Athlete 1988
Mel Brown Athlete 1989
Willard Collins Meritorious Service 1989
Harry Moneypenny Athlete 1989
Ralph Samples Coach 1989
Michael Santi Athlete 1989
Jim Bloomingburg Athlete 1990
Bob Draper Meritorious Service 1990
Cecil P. Major Athlete 1990
David Scobey Athlete 1990
Elvis Sherrill Athlete 1990
Eunice Bradley Meritorious Service 1991
Jennings Davis Athlete 1991
Bo McLaughlin Athlete 1991
Charlie Morris Coach 1991
Bruce Bowers Athlete 1992
Nelson Burton Meritorious Service 1992
Steve Flatt Athlete 1992
John McCarley Athlete 1992
Farrell Owens Athlete/Meritorious Service 1992
Don Meyer Coach 1994
Tim Pardue Athlete 1994
Carl Robinson Athlete 1994
Steve Liddle Athlete 1994
Roy Sewell Athlete 1994
Alan Banks Athlete 1996
Burton Elrod Meritorious Service 1996
John Henderson Athlete 1996
Flip Jones Athlete 1996
Jim Langley Meritorious Service 1996
Ricky Bowers Athlete 1997
Steve Fletcher Athlete 1997
Philip Hutcheson Athlete 1997
Ted Jamison Athlete 1997
Axel Swang Meritorious Service 1997
Kim Satterfield Van Atta Athlete 1997
Gary Colson Athlete 1998
Jerry Dugan Athlete 1998
Kal Koenig Athlete 1998
Lee Marsh Meritorious Service 1998
Duane Slaughter Coach 1998
Rhonda Stewart Athlete 1998
Bob Hooper Meritorious Service/Coach 1999
Kim Puckett Athlete 1999
Ernie Smith Athlete/Meritorious Service 1999
Willis Smith Athlete 1999
Reggie Whittemore Athlete 1999
Frankie Mayo Williams Athlete 1999
Jonathan F. Seamon Meritorious Service 2002
Carl McKelvey Meritorious Service 2002
Bob Parsons Athlete 2002
Bob Hamilton Athlete 2002
John Kimbrell Athlete 2002
Greg Chambers Athlete 2002
Jim Wood Meritorious Service 2002
Nina Hausmann Massey Athlete 2002
Mary Carrigan Meritorious Service 2002
Frank Bennett Coach 2003
Barry Brewer Meritorious Service 2003
Trish Hodgson Carruth Coach 2003
John Pierce Athlete 2003
Cheryl Smith Athlete 2004
Walter Ward Athlete 2004
Stephanie Shouse Lane Athlete 2004
Darren Henrie Athlete 2004
Chris Snoddy Meritorious Service 2004
Roy Pardue Coach 2007
Beth Stewart Stark Athlete 2008
Steve Potts Meritorious Service 2008
Ronnie Ferguson Meritorious Service 2008
Kenny Perry Meritorious Service 2008
Buddy Harston Athlete 2009
Phil Stinson Athlete 2009
Jeff Guy Athlete 2009
Jim Allen Meritorious Service 2011
Beth Willis Dolente Athlete 2011
John Friend Athlete/Meritorious Service 2011
Farrell Gean Athlete 2011
Larry Breedlove Athlete 2016
Phillip Dickens Athlete 2016
Glenn Eddins Athlete 2016
Trey Hartman Athlete 2016
Wayne Wright Athlete 2016
Lynn Randolph Dearing Athlete 2017
Erin Hall Fletcher Athlete 2017
Mark French Meritorious Service 2017
Deborah Spencer Garner Athlete 2017
Kelli Dobbins Hasley Athlete 2017
Andy McQueen Athlete 2017
Katherine Neely Murrie Athlete 2017
Kenyatta Perry Athlete 2017
Marcus Bodie Athlete 2018
Lynn Griffith Coach 2018
Emily Pleasant High Athlete 2018
Sarah Marcrom McKamey Athlete 2018
Brent McNutt Athlete 2018
Wade Tomlinson Athlete 2018
Wes Wilkerson Athlete 2018

Nominate Someone to the Athletic Hall of Fame

To nominate an individual for the Lipscomb University Athletic Hall of Fame please forward nomination material to Philip Hutcheson, Lipscomb University Athletics, One University Park Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37204-3951. The formal deadline for nominations is December 1 of the year prior to induction. To nominate an individual for the Lipscomb University Athletic Hall of Fame please provide as much data as possible in support of your nomination.

Nominees must fall into one of three categories with the following criteria taken into consideration:

  • Athlete: Career statistics; Conference, Regional, All-American and National honors; Leadership, service and continued support of Lipscomb University are all taken into consideration for each nominee.
  • Coach: Career record; Length of tenure, number of all-conference, all-region, all-american and scholar-athletes, as well as, impact made on the school. Post Lipscomb success is also taken into consideration for the Coach category
  • Meritorious Service: Truly exceptional contributions and service to the athletic program by one who does not qualify for the athlete or coach category.