Hall of Fame

Bob Draper

TYPE Meritorious Service
Bob will always be remembered as one of the greatest supporters of Lipscomb University Athletics. He attended Lipscomb from 1933-35 before going into the jewelry business. After working for several jewelry stores, Bob was able to return to the Lipscomb area in 1960 where he opened up Draper Jewelry just across from the Lipscomb campus on Granny White Pike. The marriage between Draper Jewelry and Lipscomb has always been great, and Bob always gave that special treatment to Lipscomb students. Bob also found a special place in his heart for Lipscomb Athletics. As a charter member of the Bison Booster Club, Bob each year renewed his membership and supported Lipscomb by printing the athletic schedule cards. Draper Jewelry has also served as a radio sponsor from the inaugural broadcast of Lipscomb athletic contests. Bob was the type of supporter that every school dreams about, for he was truly a great man and friend to Lipscomb. Bob Draper, who died unexpectedly on October 27, 1989, will surely be missed but never forgotten.