Hall of Fame

Axel Swang

TYPE Meritorious Service

Axel Swang worked at Lipscomb University from 1947 until his retirement in 1992. Besides his dedication as one of the most respected faculty members in Lipscomb history, Axel served as Head Basketball Coach for Lipscomb High School before taking over the Bison baseball program for the 1952 season. As always Axel was there to help his school out and ended the season on a successful note leading the Bisons to the VSAC Western Division Championship. Axel served as a Chairman of the Lipscomb Business Department from 1948-1992. One of the highlights of Axel’s career came in 1984 when Lipscomb University honored him by naming the school’s new business building the Swang Business Center. In 1995 Axel was honored by the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants with their highest award, the Lifetime Achievement Award. Axel has also served as a member of the Lipscomb Athletic Hall of Fame Committee and served as an officer in the Bison Booster Club. While Axel has spent almost his entire life serving the Lipscomb students he still has devoted his time to God, serving as an Elder and minister in the church. Axel Swang will always be remembered for his dedication to Lipscomb and for his example of integrity.