Hall of Fame

Duane Slaughter

TYPE Coach

For 28 years Dr. Duane Slaughter committed his life to serving the students at David Lipscomb University. During his career Dr. Slaughter served as coach for the Lipscomb Track team, the Tennis team and directed the Lipscomb badminton program. While serving as a successful coach, Dr. Slaughter also was considered an outstanding teacher. From 1968-1987 Dr Slaughter served as Chairman of the Lipscomb Physical Education Department, as he helped build the program into one of the most respected academic areas on the Lipscomb campus. A native of Kansas, Dr. Slaughter first worked at Lipscomb from 1955-57, before leaving to work at Northwestern State College in Louisiana. It was at Northern that he achieved consideration as an outstanding professor in Physical Education. In 1965 Dr. Slaughter returned to the Lipscomb campus where he would work until his retirement in 1989. Besides being an outstanding coach and teacher, Dr. Slaughter also served the Lord during his life, serving as a minister in the church. It was on April 15, 1993, that Dr. Slaughter passed away after a lengthy illness. While Dr. Slaughter received many during his career, words cannot describe the impact he had on students and co-workers. His kind and considerate words to make another person’s day better and his professionalism were truly what made him successful. Dr. Duane Slaughter, Chairman, Teacher, Coach, but most importantly, friend.