Hall of Fame

Chris Snoddy

TYPE Meritorious Service
In 14 years as an athletic trainer at Lipscomb University, Chris Snoddy treated physical ailments of student-athletes while dispensing a word of encouragement. From 1977-81, Chris worked as a student trainer. After finishing his degree he joined the athletics department as a full-time athletic trainer, a position he held until 1991. He was a leading pioneer in the development of the sports medicine program. During his tenure he worked with the 1979 NAIA National Champion baseball team and the 1986 NAIA National Championship basketball team. He was instrumental in the construction of a new men's locker room, a new athletic training facility in 1983, and the design and construction of the Allen Arena Sports Medicine facility. Chris also showed his support by serving as president of the Bison Booster Club for three years. He now works as an athletic trainer in Nashville and continues to provide valuable support for Lipscomb Athletics.