Hall of Fame

Ronnie Ferguson

TYPE Meritorious Service

For any student-athlete seeking a role model, Franklin, Kentucky’s Ronnie Ferguson should top the list. An outstanding college golfer, an accomplished Christian businessman, a leader in the church, a devoted husband, and the father of two Lipscomb graduates – Stan (1987) and Bard (1990) – Ronnie Ferguson set a high standard for Lipscomb athletes.

The epitome of a servant-leader, he anchored the Bison golf team from 1959-62 and served as manager of the basketball team. His golf skills were unmistakable: he played the number one position, led as team captain, and earned MVP in ‘60, ‘61, and ‘62. Upon graduation Ronnie returned to Franklin, where he built a solid business and reached out to young PGA-tour-hopeful Kenny Perry, a hometown friend. In 1985 Ronnie and his wife, Emily, struck a unique agreement with Perry: in exchange for financial support Perry would donate a percentage of his future tour earnings to Lipscomb. The creative vision and generosity of both parties have rewarded the university immensely. The scholarship has afforded numerous students from the Franklin/Simpson County area the opportunity to attend Lipscomb each year, and Lipscomb Athletics has received valuable donations from the arrangement. It is impossible to quantify the goodwill, athletic support, and financial gain that Lipscomb has enjoyed because of Ronnie Ferguson, who in 2004 was aptly named Lipscomb’s Christian Business Leader of the Year.

A sterling example of a Bison student-athlete, Ronnie Ferguson is a modern day servant who took his God-given talents and multiplied them to the benefit of Lipscomb University.