What They Said
Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sept. 14, 2005

What they said:

"Yes it was fun. The striving for perfection kept it fun." Chris Martello

"When we look back 10 or 20 years from now, we'll be able to say, `It wasn't just for me, it was for the team.'" Tom Kelsey

"Our team really has been building all year and it peaked at the right time. This is the best feeling anyone could feel." John Kimbrell

"God is not a Bison, but I think he is happy for us." Don Meyer

"Whether we lost or won, we'd still be the same people the next day. No group is more deserving. They wouldn't do anything unless they do it together." Don Meyer

"I wasn't the Most Valuable Player in the tournament, the Team was." John Kimbrell

"This is truly one of the biggest moments in my 42 years at Lipscomb." President Willard Collins

"I'll remember these guys not as teammates, but as friends." Duwain Houston

"Here's a guy who went from being a student-coach to a player just so we would have enough players in uniform. And this team was as excited with his points as anyone else's points tonight. That's what kind of guys we have. They deserved this."

Don Meyer describing Greg Glenn's three point play with 12 seconds to close the game.