Chuck Ross Biography
Friday, September 13, 2013
By Eunice Bradley

The following is a personal biography of Chuck Ross written by his aunt Eunice Bradley and part of the Lipscomb Athletics archives. 

Biography of Chuck Ross

By: Eunice Bradley, Chuck’s beloved Aunt and former David Lipscomb Journalism teacher.


Charles Aaron Ross was born December 2, 1944. He is one of those ageless individuals who does not count birthdays. He is proud of the fact that he attended Lipscomb in the first grade for one semester. He was elated to learn that this makes him an alumnus of an institution that means so much to him.

Chuck is a graduate of Isaac Litton High School with a special certificate, but after graduation he came into contact with Maplewood High School and has since been a supporter of their athletics. At least one year they put his picture in the yearbook as an adopted alumnus and presented him with one of the yearbooks.

He also helps coach the freshman football team and they take him when they go to away games. He is especially careful to wear the colors of any school he is supporting. For example, after attending an afternoon game at Maplewood where he wore their colors, Chuck changed clothes to the color of Lipscomb before going to their game.

He will wear Goodpasture colors to their games unless they are playing Lipscomb and then, of course, he wears Lipscomb colors and Goodpasture understands.

Chuck has been a believer in prayers ever since he was a toddler. Saying his prayers once, he stopped midway after thanking God for the rain; he asked his mother, “Do we need any more rain?”

Another time, he was bringing in clothes off of the line before an approaching downpour and when he brought in the last load, he stopped and watched out on the porch, and while looking up he raised his hands and said, “Okay, God let her go!”

He was baptized by Thomas Whitfield in 1959 at 15 years old and he is a member of Riverwood Church of Christ now. Riverwood let a preacher go recently and the church has worked so hard trying to find a new congregation for him. He was successful with his friend Buddy Chumley, whose daughter was a favorite cheerleader. When Buddy came back from Israel in need of a teaching job, Chuck found him a place and that is where he is still at today.

Chuck has a penchant for taking charge in any situation.

Chuck is more of an athlete than most people realize. He plays in a two-man golf tournament every year and he always wins a trophy, some years as a winner and other years as a runner-up. For a number of years he and his mother bowled in a neighborhood league and got to be a pretty fair bowler.

Chuck is a loyal supporter of the Nashville Sounds baseball team and has only missed two games since they began in 1979.

The Bisons basketball and baseball teams are loyally supported by him and he has gone with them each year they have played in the World Series. The recognition he has received from the Lipscomb teams has been his greatest achievement culminating in the Hall of Fame a year ago. He also travels with the team including the high school team when he has an opportunity and loves every lap of this journey.

His father died 19 years ago and he and his mother live at 1414 Dugger Drive.  His father was a Greyhound bus operator for 28 years and Chuck has an older brother, George Ron Jr., who is a wholesale drug salesman living in Madison.

Chuck is also very fond of his great aunt, Eunice Bradley, who has done so many wonderful things for him and one he will never forget was a trip to Memphis when they saw the Memphis Chicks play baseball. They also took a ride on a boat down the Mississippi. They visited the zoo, also.

He took his aunt Eunice to Florida and they went deep sea fishing. Chuck caught a nice string of fish that someone wanted to buy, but Chuck would not sell.

No biography would be complete without mentioning his cat, Grayboy. He has had him for almost three years, since he was a kitten. He is a very spoiled cat.

Chuck makes friends all over town and they include numerous players and coaches, politicians, referees, umpires, waiters and waitresses in most of the fast food restaurants as well as sports writers who attend Lipscomb games. He draws no color line black or white alike are introduced to his mother as “my friend” and of course he has numerous friends at church.

One of his very special friends is Kenneth Head, who was a Lipscomb high school boy’s basketball coach several years ago. They became good friends and have remained friends over the years.

Chuck is a big in body, nearly six-feet tall and nearly 300 lbs. His is also big in heart and wants to help everyone with his game.

If you don’t know Chuck you ought to meet him.