Caitlin's Corner: Life lessons of Lipscomb Volleyball
Thursday, November 28, 2013
By Caitlin "Dot" Dotson
Caitlin's Corner: Life lessons of Lipscomb Volleyball

Buckle up all, its about to get nostalgic.

As the final installment for my blog series, I’m going to try to tie all the themes back together and give you a glimpse into my life lessons learned at Lipscomb:

First, love or LUV in this case, is the closest thing to real magic anyone’s ever going to find. So when you find something you love- live it, cherish it and appreciate it. When you feel that true love for someone, something, or in this case, a group of 15 girls, celebrate the magic!

Second, hourglasses are bound to tip and time runs out. The secret is to make each grain of sand a memory, then its okay when that time is up. Although, my grains of sand have run out as far as collegiate volleyball is concerned, I have much to show for it.

It’s like the saying, as one door closes, others open. Although it may hurt to watch my time at LUV come to an end, I have treasured it, made each memory a part of me and would not trade a single grain for the world.

Third, rise to challenges. Victory is a sweet feeling that only comes from drive, determination and desire. Push the people around you to be their best and surround yourself with people who make you better.  That way you grow a little everyday. Err on the side of daring and over-confidence; be so bold that you have no choice but to give your all.

Fourth, play for the girl standing next to you. Play for her because she’s playing for you. Give your all to the team.  To be a part of the team is truly something special. One solidified unit cannot be broken.  In the case of LUV, the bond is strong and ever enduring.

For those want-to-be collegiate volleyball players - don’t be afraid to fall back in love with the game after every big kill. Relish the feelings when you’re down on your knees screaming in celebration- that’s what its all about. Being in the moment with the ones that matter most to you.

I have loved my time at Lipscomb. I never expected that coming to college I’d be gaining a family. People have supported me as I bowed my head in defeat and as I ran through the halls during my victories.

Banners on the walls of Allen Arena fly to sing praises and serve as a reminder of the winning tradition we’ve built here. The same walls have soaked up our pain and exhaustion.

I’ve walked the stairs one thousand times and what I wouldn’t give for one more walk onto the court, one more locker room dance party, one more big win.

In LUV I have found myself, and the program has enabled me to be my best self.

Riding home from Georgia, we watched Bridesmaids and a song lyrics said “I’ll be on your side forever more.”

I feel reassured knowing I have so many people in my corner. I looked around the bus and couldn’t help but feel the acceptance and comfort.  We belong together. That’s the hardest part about leaving- saying goodbye to my sisters and the friendships I have forged with these players and coaches.

As I looked around I realized I have been playing for them, for us, to keep a dream alive. It’s the same dream a little nine-year-old, red-head with a bowl haircut had.

Now, 12 years later- I’m saying goodbye to that particular dream as one of the most winning players at Lipscomb.

When I walked into the crowd after our loss in the Atlantic Sun Championship and saw tears in the eyes of the parents I realized my career has meant something to other people as well.

I invested in it while so many invested in me. I have had the opportunity to live my dream and the good fortune to have you all live it with me.  After a long car ride home to Louisville and a carefully chosen Pandora station, I came to the conclusion that it felt good to be sad.

I’m celebrating the end of one of my greatest and first loves and it has been nothing but good to me.  I guess you could say we are ending it on amicable terms. After all, it is better to have LUV’d and lost than have never LUV’d at all.

Is there life after Lipscomb Volleyball? I’m about to find out.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blogs.  You’ve meant more to me than you know. So, with that being said- I’ll miss you but I’m sure they’ll have someone great to take my place. Perhaps keeping the alliteration alive, Jewell’s Journal or Brittnay’s Blog anyone?

So, one last time:

I LUV’d: getting to blog for you and every single member of the Lipscomb Family.

And #CantWait: For next year, a new adventure, and as always an abundance of LUV.