City Paper: Slater finding his place in the world
Monday, January 25, 2010
<i>City Paper</i>: Slater finding his place in the world
It’s impossible to overlook Josh Slater when he’s on the basketball court.

The junior guard for Lipscomb plays with an energy and a level of enthusiasm that is undeniable. So evident is his desire, in fact, that fans from the other teams often single him out as their primary target for taunts.

“I do think I am ‘that guy’ for us, that other teams like to get on me a little bit,” he said. “As a player, that just kind of energizes you even more.”

Off the court, though, he spends a lot of time and energy in places most don’t want to look. He moves among the homeless and extends his hands to the sick. He seeks out opportunities to provide hope and healing and — literally — gives of himself.

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