Bisons still seeking improvement with two games left
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Bisons still seeking improvement with two games left
A season that began back in November will be decided by how well teams perform in the next four days.

The Lipscomb Bisons have two practices and two games left in the regular season. In many ways they are in control of their destiny, but they also need some help if they are going to emerge as the Atlantic Sun Conference regular season champion and the No. 1 seed in next week’s tournament.

“Our main focus is to get better these last two games heading into March,” Sanderson said. “We haven’t talked about circumstances. We have talked more about how we are going to play against Kennesaw State and that is all we have talked about.

“We haven’t brought up any scenarios. We have to get better possession by possession. If you look ahead you end up getting your feelings hurt.”

The scenarios are almost mind-boggling. But as coach Scott Sanderson gets his team ready to face Kennesaw State Thursday night at 7:30 and Mercer Saturday at 5 he is not worried about scenarios. He simply wants his team to continue to get better.

“There is a lot at stake,” Sanderson said. “We need to play well in both games.

“All we can control is what we can do. If we worry about what everybody else is going to do we are going to be in trouble. We have to worry about us and us only.”

The last time the Bisons played the Kennesaw State Owls was Dec. 5, a 97-91 road loss. Guard Josh Slater scored a game-high 29 points and also led the Bisons in assists with 11 and rebounds with seven. Forward Brandon Brown added 23 points and center Adnan Hodzic scored 17.

But five Kennesaw State players scored in double figures led by sophomore guard Kurtis Woods with 21 points. Redshirt freshman forward LaDaris Green grabbed a game-high eight rebounds.

But the biggest statistic for the Owls was their 19-of-25 shooting from the 3-point line.

“They shot an incredible clip against us and played extremely well against us,” Sanderson said. “We scored 91 points and that was a lot of points to score and get beat.

“I’ve been watching the film of that game and they made some tough shots. They made a lot of tough 3-pointers at the end of the shot clock that were just back-breakers. You are playing defense and playing defense and all of a sudden they would jump up and make a three late in the clock.”

Sanderson would still like to see the Bisons pick up the pace defensively, but he thinks they will be more prepared for Kennesaw State’s perimeter attack.

“I like our flow, but we still have room to improve defensively,” Sanderson said. “I think we are better at defending three-point shots.”

The key word for the Bisons the past couple of weeks is “aware”.

“I think we are more aware,” Sanderson said. “We have talked about being aware of personnel and what the other guys can and can’t do. I think we have done a little better job of that in February.

“We still have time for improvement. The players need to know that they can still improve. I feel like they know that. Hopefully, we can improve before we get in the conference tournament next week.”

Written by Mark McGee, Senior Publisher/Director of Media Relations