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Bisons use a total team effort in 106-59 win over Trevecca
Thursday, November 4, 2010
Bisons use a total team effort in 106-59 win over Trevecca
Justin Glenn remembers what it was like this past May to finally run up and down a basketball court without pain.

For almost two years while playing for the Lipscomb Bisons his knees were constantly on his mind whenever he tried to run.

“When I had my surgery they shaved down part of a bone in my knee,” Glenn said. “Every time I would run I felt like I was going over a pothole. It would click and lock and I would get a sharp pain. I was thinking about my knee more than I was playing basketball.”

Dr. Burton Elrod told Glenn after the surgery that it would be around 18 months before he was completely healthy. That prediction proved to be accurate.

“Dr. Elrod is a great doctor,” Glenn said. “It has been 18 months since my last surgery. Now I feel great with no click in my knee. I don’t even worry about it anymore.”

Glenn started to feel better in May. He was preparing for a mission trip to China which included him playing in some basketball games. One day he was running down the court and the pain was gone.

“I have battled injuries my whole career here at Lipscomb,” Glenn said. “Being healthy and being able to go out there pain free is just a testament to God and the healing he has done in my knee.”

Thursday night Glenn gave Lipscomb fans a glimpse of what he is capable of doing on the court with 17 points and a game-high six rebounds in 15 minutes as the Bisons beat Trevecca Nazarene 106-59 in an exhibition game at Allen Arena.

“Justin can pass the ball,” Lipscomb coach Scott Sanderson said. “He is very skilled. He does a good job shooting the ball. He is going to be a major asset to our team.”

He could spend the season sharing playing time with Adnan Hodzic, last year’s A-Sun Player of the Year, or he could find himself playing across the lane from Hodzic.

“I’m here to do whatever the team wants me to do,” Glenn said. “If they need me to play four minutes to win then I will play four minutes. If they need me to play 25 minutes and back up Adnan or play on the court at the same time as Adnan that is what I am going to do.

“I’m leaving it up to God. I am just going to come out and play every game like it is my last one. There will be ups and downs, but it is going to be a good year.”

Glenn stresses that no one on the team has the goal of being a superstar. Each one wants to contribute in the most effective way possible to a team effort.

“We don’t have any selfish guys,” Glenn said. “We don’t have anybody who wants to be the `great one’ or an all-star player. “We have a bunch of team players that want to go out and give it their all for a higher purpose _ to make the NCAA Tournament and make a run in the tournament.”

Hodzic scored a game-high 19 to lead the Bisons. Also in double figures were Brandon Barnes with 14 and Jordan Burgason with 11.

Brian Wright, who is recovering from surgery, played 21 minutes and added eight points.

Twelve Bisons played in the game and all of them scored at least two points.

For the first 10 minutes of the game it looked like the old NAIA games between Lipscomb and Trevecca which were always intense. But the Bisons eventually pulled away and steadily built on their lead.

Sanderson was most impressed with the Bisons holding Trevecca to 59 points especially due to the large lead they maintained for the entire second half.

“We showed some maturity in the second half,” Sanderson said. “We were up big but we kept playing hard. “We kept defending. We shared the ball offensively. We played with a lot of energy.”

Michael France led Trevecca with 13 points. Jeremy Dixon and Reggie Bates had 10 points each.

The Bisons open the regular season Nov. 12 on the road at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Smith will redshirt

Sanderson announced that freshman Damarius Smith will redshirt this season.

“D.D. is going to be a major asset to our team,” Sanderson said. “He is a lockdown defender, but we have so many guys who are back from last year that is going to be hard to get him into the rotation.”

Written by Mark McGee, Senior Publisher/Director of Media Relations.