Versatility is the key word for Bisons' signees
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Versatility is the key word for Bisons' signees
The Lipscomb Bisons basketball coaching staff has signed four new players for the 2011-2012 season.

The new additions are Zavion Williams from West Creek in Clarksville, Tenn.; twins Malcolm and Martin Smith from Clarksville Academy and Marvin Williams from White Station High School in Memphis.

The Smith brothers were both first team All-State selections last season. Malcolm is 6-foot-5 and Martin is 6-4. The brothers told college coaches they would not be playing for two different colleges.

“We are excited to get them both,” Lipscomb coach Scott Sanderson said. “They are great young men both on and off of the floor. They are the kind of people we are trying to recruit to our university.

“A lot of people looked at Malcolm because he was player of the year in the state of Tennessee and because he was bigger and stronger than Martin. But we were interested in both of them.”

Sanderson likes versatile players and he thinks the Smith brothers will fit into that mold.

“We like guys who can play multiple positions,” Sanderson said. “Both of them can play multiple positions. Defensively they can guard several different positions.”

They also offer contrasts in playing styles. Martin will play No. 3 forward of No. 2 guard. Malcolm is expected to play either the No. 3 or No. 4 forward positions.

“Malcolm can drive the ball to the hole,” Sanderson said. ‘He finishes plays. He is a good rebounder. He is a very tough kid.

“Martin is very, very skilled. He shoots the ball very well from the perimeter. When Martin gets stronger his confidence level is going to go to a new level.”

Marvin, 6-8, is also a forward that reminds Sanderson of Lipscomb center Adnan Hodzic when he was a high school player in Indianapolis. Marvin can play either the No. 5 or No. 4 position.

“I’m not saying he is going to be another Adnan Hodzic,” Sanderson said. “But his team is very similar to Adnan’s high school team. He has not been the focal point of his school’s offense because he is playing with several Division I players.

“Marvin has the ability to pass the ball. He can catch the ball. He is a pretty good defender in the low post. He has the chance to be a really good player for us. His best playing days are ahead of him.”

Zavion is a 5-10 guard that can play either the point or shooting guard. Sanderson calls him “a winner”.

“Zavion is one of the best anticipators off of the ball defensively that I have seen,” Sanderson said. “He had knack for scoring. He can score in traffic.

“He is a tough, highly competitive kid who will not back down from a challenge. He is small, but he is a strong kid,

Written by Mark McGee, Senior Publisher/Director of Media Relations.