Dominican Travel Blog - Day 3: First Two Wins
Friday, August 12, 2011
By Trevor Garrett
Dominican Travel Blog - Day 3: First Two Wins

SANTO DOMINGO, D.R. - The men's basketball team won its opening two games of its foreign tour to the Dominican Republic Friday defeating San Carlos 97-74 and San Lazaro 100-88.

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Both games were played in Santo Domingo which is 55 kilometers (34 miles) from the team hotel in Juan Dolio.  The Bisons left the hotel at 9 a.m. local time for their 10 a.m. game against San Carlos.

The ride to the game was an experience in itself.  From all appearances there are no rules of the road in the Dominican.  It's truely lawless.  A three-lane road may have as many as five cars driving side-by-side on it.  And then there are mopeds driving between cars.  Many intersections do not have stop signs or stop lights so traffic is literally coming together and the most aggressive driver makes it through the intersection.  And for the intersections with stop lights, well, drivers seemed to ignore the light signal.

Both buses made it safely to the gym even though players and staff were doing their best not look at the window in anticipation of near-crashes every few seconds.

In the morning game the Bisons used strong first and fourth quarters to defeat San Carlos 97-74.  Freshman Malcolm Smith led the Bisons with 18 points.  The game was sloppy affair with many turnovers.

As part of the mission of the foreign tour, a Bisons player will give a testimonial at halftime of each game to the opposing team and crowd.  Justin Glenn spoke at halftime of the first game.  Click on the image at the top right of this story to play the video of his message.

The team returned to the hotel to eat lunch and rest up between games.  The adventure back into Santo Domingo was no less interesting than the morning trip.   The drivers took the team to the wrong gym initially.  It was obviously the wrong gym as it was undergoing a renovation and there wasn't a playing court.  The correct gym was a short drive away.

In the night cap the Bisons played a much crisper game defeating San Lazaro 100-88.  Malcolm Smith once again led Lipscomb with 18 points.  Jordan Burgason got the Bisons rolling early with three 3-pointers in the first quarter.  He finished 4-of-8 from beyond the arc.  Damarius Smith had a team-high nine rebounds while Martin Smith brought down seven boards.

The team arrived back at the hotel about 10:15 local time and had dinner before heading to bed.  There are no games or appearances scheduled for Saturday, but the team will visit some landmarks and a market in Santo Domingo in the morning. 

Lipscomb 97, San Carlos 74
Scoring: Malcolm Smith 18, Zavion Williams 13, Jordan Burgason 12, Deonte Alexander 12, Carter Sanderson 10, Jacob Arnett 10, Martin Smith 8, Damarius Smith 6, Robert Boyd 4, Marvin Williams 4.

Lipscomb 100, San Lazaro 88
Scoring: Malcolm Smith 18, Robert Boyd 16, Jordan Burgason 14, Zavion Williams 13, Carter Sanderson 11, Stephen Hurt 8, Deonte Alexander 7, Marvin Williams 6, Damarius Smith 5, Jacob Arnett 2