Walton: "We Talkin' Bout Practice"
Thursday, November 3, 2011
By Jay Walton

Men's basketball assistant coach Jay Walton contributes to Collegechalktalk.com's coaches diary series. He recently wrote his first entry of the season entitled "We Talkin' Bout Practice."

“Everything is practice" - Pele

With apologies to Allen Iverson, coaches place a premium on practice time. With less than a month between the start of practice and the first game, coaches feel squeezed to get everything in. For our staff this season, that has never been more true. With seven new faces on our roster, we are definitely not a veteran team. In addition to putting in multiple offenses and defenses, we have had to teach other things as well.

Many of our new players are finding there is a big difference from the high school to the college level. There are more demands on their time, the competition is tougher and the physical demands are greater. Most of them have never worked as hard as we are asking them to work now.

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