Alexander to host former Bison hoopsters for luncheon
Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Alexander to host former Bison hoopsters for luncheon

New Lipscomb basketball Coach Casey Alexander is inviting all former Lipscomb basketball players and program assistants to join him for a luncheon on Sunday, June 23 at 1:00 p.m.  The complimentary meal will take place in the Hall of Fame Room in Allen Arena. All former players and program assistants are asked to RSVP to or 615-479-3794

Richard Taylor, Class of 1987 and member of Lipscomb's 1986 NAIA National Championship team is helping organize the event.

" With the hiring of Coach Alexander, Bison Basketball has opened a new chapter in Lipscomb's history," said Taylor. "Casey has no doubt demonstrated that he understands what it takes to establish a program, teach the game, and mentor young men.  I think it is a very exciting time for Bison Basketball,"

"I hope everyone agrees that this is an important time for all Bisons to stay connected to the program and establish a connection with our new coach," Taylor continued. "I hope we will have a great turnout to support Coach Alexander. I have already heard Casey say several times that the players of the past are why Bison Basketball is great and that involvement from past players and program assistants will have a significant impact on the program in the future.  I agree with him and I am excited that he feels this way!"

Coach Alexander's goal is to gather as many former players and program assistants and share his vision for the Lipscomb basketball program and hear from former players about the dreams they have for Bison basketball.

Players are encouraged to share event details with their teammates and other Bison players they stay in contact with on a regular basis.

Former players unable to attend the event are asked to share with the Athletic Department contact information for future Bison Basketball events. Also, if you would like to send Coach Alexander an e-mail you can do so at:

Co-Event Coordinators

George McInotsh
Class of 1949

Lee Marsh
Class of 1950

Gary Waller
Class of 1961

John McCarley
Class of 1963

Ron Dixon
Class of 1962

Butch Stinson
Class of 1973

Steve Davidson
Class of 1977

Alan Banks
Class of 1982

Andy McQueen
Class of 1995

Ryan Roller
Class of 2002

James Poindexter
Class of 2006

Eddie Ard
Class of 2008

Josh Slater
Class of 2011

Justin Glenn
Class of 2012