6th Annual Star Wars Day set for Saturday
Friday, February 7, 2014
6th Annual Star Wars Day set for Saturday
This Saturday Lipscomb Athletics will host the 6th Annual Star Wars Day in conjunction with its men's basketball game against ETSU. Game time is set for 4 p.m. in Allen Arena. All tickets are $10.  

Members of the 501st Legion MidSouth Garrison will be on hand wearing various Star Wars costumes. They will be available before the game and up until halftime for photos with fans. 

Saturday's game is a benefit for 14 families that are in the process of adopting children. 100% of all ticket sales from Saturday's game will be given to the families to help with the mounting expenses associated with adoption.  

LipscombSports.com caught up with Glenn Tamboia who has been instrumental in bringing the 501st Legion MidSouth Garrison to Lipscomb since the inaugural event in 2009. 

LipscombSports.com: Talk about your involvement with Lipscomb. You've done this for six years now. Why?
Glenn: When we were first contacted six years ago I thought this would be a one shot like many of the events we do.  Our reception was huge and we are very happy to come back every year.  Only a few venues have us every year and Lipscomb is one of our favorite.  Lipscomb University does some great things for the community with a focus on children and family and that means a lot to us.

LipscombSports.com: For the past three years your appearance has directly helped more than 30 families in the process of adoption raise more than $50,000. What does that mean to you? 
Glenn: The 501st Legion World wide helped raise $14.7 million for charity worldwide last year, charity is a big part of what we do.  Giving back to the community is one of the 501st Legion’s highest priorities. Members regularly participate in events to raise awareness of charitable causes, from walk-a-thons to blood drives. Because of this, the 501st Legion proudly refers to themselves as "the bad guys who do good."  Members of the 501st Legion get frequently invited to appear at pediatric wards. When the 501st Legion appears in a hospital, they brighten the lives of children going through difficult trials and serious medical treatment.  Teaming up with Lipscomb to help children get adopted means a lot to us and is one of many reasons we suit up in our costumes.

LipscombSports.com: One fan recently pointed out that both Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia were adopted. Have you ever thought about that as it relates to this event? What other connections might there be from a Star Wars perspective?
Glenn: Mr. George Lucas has adopted three children over the years after he created the Original Star Wars, so maybe he influenced himself. I know the saga has influenced others to do good things.  Both Luke and Leia had some great parents that adopted them and they did some great things for the Galaxy because of it.

LipscombSports.com: Who all can we expect to see on Saturday?
The Dark Lord Himself (Darth Vader) will be attending with a few Imperial troops to include Stormtroopers, Clones, Bounty Hunters and more.  We look forward to Saturday.

Tickets for Saturday's game are available online at www.lipscombtickets.com or by calling 615-966-4373.