Dominican Republic mission gets underway for men's basketball
Sunday, August 7, 2016
By Nathan Moran
Dominican Republic mission gets underway for men's basketball

Rising Junior Nathan Moran has been in the Dominican Republic for three days preparing for the team to arrive. On Saturday, the team is finally arrived together and enjoyed their first day on the ground. Nathan shares his experience thus far. 

Since I have been in the Dominican, I have been able to pick up a little bit on the culture. The most admirable trait that I have noticed is the friendliness from everybody that you meet and pass by. This was neat because being from a foreign place, you don’t expect to be welcomed from people on the side of the road with a big smile and a willingness to talk to you, but that is the culture we find ourselves in.

Switching gears, I got to experience a very cool moment last night when one of our freshman, Kenny Bunton, spoke to a group of Dominican children and our team at a youth group. What was cool about this was the willingness and boldness to get called on the spot to speak, and doing it. Not only was this cool, but being able to stand up in front of a group of people who do not speak your language, so every sentence is being translated is not easy. The coolest part about this experience to me was Kenny being a freshman, sharing his testimony in front of a group of older players on his team that he looks up to. My freshman year it would have taken a lot to get me in front of everybody to share and that speaks to Kenny’s character and what he is bringing to our team, our University, and most importantly, the Christian faith. Thank you for checking in and I hope you continue to join us on this ride! Have a good rest of your day, God Bless, and Go Bison(s)!