Men's Basketball continues work on day four in Dominican Republic
Wednesday, August 10, 2016
By Michael Buckland
Men's Basketball continues work on day four in Dominican Republic
Day 4
Hola! So Klotzy informed us that today wouldn't be as difficult of labor as yesterday. However, after eight hours on site and not thinking I could take one more swing with the pick axe, I think I'd have to politely disagree with his prediction. For the morning session, dirt was dropped off and we began leveling it out for the playground. Josh Williams experienced his first time ever getting sunburnt as he came up to us asking what this burning-tingling feeling up and down his arms was. The sun was blazing but we fought through it.
After four hours of tough work in the morning we made our way back to the house for lunch. We had a small break and the majority of the team scarfed their food down with the thought of getting a 20 minute nap. That gives a glimpse of the fatigue just halfway through the day. We returned to the site and spent the rest of the day perfecting the leveling of the dirt, digging holes, mixing concrete by hand and placing polls for the fence that will soon surround it. The Dominican culture continues to amaze me with their willingness and want to jump in and help us build and work on the project. 
After a long day, we returned to the house, had dinner, and made our way to the roof for our daily debrief. I expected a short talk because of our fatigue, but God had other plans in store for this team. A short debrief turned into two and a half hours of vulnerability as each team member became transparent with one another and shared their life journey. As we all opened up about our lives, we became more and more authentic with each other. Truth was spoken, tears were shed, and love had engulfed us. Fear had no place on that roof. 
As I lay in bed writing this, I can't help but think this is only the beginning of something great. I truly believe God has simply set the ball on the tee for us and the next few days or just the start of what is to come for this team and the kingdom of God.
"Aslan is on the move..." CS Lewis. 
Thanks for all the prayers, we truly appreciate them. Go Bisons!