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Men's Basketball's Eddie Clausel: Where Are They Now?
Thursday, March 19, 2020
Men's Basketball's Eddie Clausel: Where Are They Now?

A small town defensive-minded player who could also dribble and pass, he came to Lipscomb because a Christian education was valuable to him. He survived a coaching change after his freshman year and became one of the Bisons’ most exciting players by the time he was a senior. Eddie Clausel relived some great stories, listed his favorite teachers, and caught us up when he sat down this week with


What years did you compete for Lipscomb?

I played basketball from 1974-78. Charles Strasburger was our coach my freshman year, and Don Meyer coached my final three years.


What teammates were most memorable?

Two teammates stand out: Steve Flatt was whistled for a five-second inbounds violation at a critical time in a game. The next day in our team meeting, Coach Meyer asked Chuck Ross (another “teammate”) what we could have done to win the game.

“Steve Flatt, if you would have thrown that ball inbounds on time we would have won the game,” Chuck said.

In addition, Billy Bennett was extremely memorable but unfortunately I can’t tell any of those stories here.


What degree have you earned?

I earned my B.S. in Business Management from Lipscomb in 1978.


Why did you attend Lipscomb?

It was pretty simple, really: 1) Lipscomb offered me a basketball scholarship, and 2) Lipscomb offered me a Christian education.


What is your favorite athletic memory at Lipscomb?

I regret my strongest memory came from a loss, but here goes ...

We were getting beat by more than 20 points at Lambuth my freshman year when Coach Strasburger called a frustrated timeout, slammed down his clipboard, and told us he quit and he was turning it over to Steve Flatt. He proceeded to stomp up the bleachers, where he sat down in the stands. Flatt took over and believe it or now, brought us back. As soon as we took the lead, Coach Stasburger came back to the huddle.

“That’s my ball, boys!” he said and went back to coaching. We proceeded to get blown out ... again.


Who influenced your athletic career at Lipscomb?

Farrell Gean was an alumnus who was instrumental in helping me, and Mark Massey recruited me to Lipscomb. Coach Meyer helped shape a lot of the structure of my life fundamentals, and Dean Carl McKelvey showed me grace and mercy many times when he rightfully could have shown me the door instead. I have always been grateful for that, and those memories have stuck with me.


What do you remember about Lipscomb campus life during your time here?

I was impressed with how tight-knit the campus was among friends and faculty members. I also remember appreciating the strong support local businesses – especially those with alumni connections – gave Lipscomb students.


What are the most valuable lessons you learned in your time at Lipscomb?

My four years on that campus were the time in my life I learned to structure my time and assign priorities. That was a huge, valuable lesson.

I also gained a real appreciation of being able to attend a faith-based college. At some point I realized it was a blessing that few people enjoy, and I was grateful for it.


Who were your favorite professors?

Dean Carl McKelvey is at the top of my list for the reasons I already mentioned. He was a kind, understanding man who showed me a lot of mercy. Farrell Gean was an alumnus and teacher who was from the same home town as me, and he guided me through my freshman year. Axel Swang struck me as a really impressive guy in every way. He was a brilliant instructor who had an engaging personality and a genuine interest in his students. Dr. Joe Gray earned my full respect when he made a 7:00 a.m. Bible class fun and interesting.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up about an hour and a half south of Nashville in Savannah, Tennessee, proud home of Hardin County High School.


What do you do now?

After nearly 30 years of supermarket ownership and real estate investing, I’m now involved only in real estate development and investing.


Tell us about your family:

I’ve been married for nearly 30 years to Sandy, an excellent public education teacher for 32 years, and we have two children: J.D., who graduated from Lipscomb with a degree in Corporate Marketing and married Hannah Dundon in December; and Kelli, a UT-Chattanooga graduate and a CPA in Chattanooga who is engaged to be married in April to Sage Stockton.



  • Favorite food: Country-style ribs with beans and cornbread
  • Favorite TV show or movie: “The Andy Griffith Show” (TV); “A River Runs Through It.” (movie)
  • Favorite Bible scriptures: Psalm 1: 1-6; James 6:33; Psalm 41: 1-2; Matthew 22: 37-40; Proverbs 47: 27-28; Matthew 6: 19-21
  • Favorite sports team: Tennessee Volunteers
  • Pet peeve: Multiple Quantities Disorder
  • Person I most admire: My dad, James L.
  • Rather ride or drive? Drive
  • Pick one – salad or dessert: Salad
  • Early morning or late night person? Early morning 

You can reach Eddie by email: