Hale Sets The Pace For Bisons' Golf
Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Sophomore golfer Cody Hale has played an important role on the Bisons' golf team. It is not a likely coincidence that the team's success very often mirrors that of Hale's.

Lipscomb golf coach Ralph Samples said, "Cody is a very solid golfer as is evidenced by his success in high school and his two years here. He is a good leader, and I have been impressed by him."

Hale is a business management major who enjoys fishing and hunting in his spare time.

Hale began playing golf at the age of six. He credits his father for having a major influence on his golf game.

"My dad has probably been the biggest influence on me because he always pushed me when I really did not want to play and has helped me tremendously over the years with my swing and other aspects of my game," Hale said.

Although many athletes model their game after a particular professional athlete, Hale insists this is not necessarily so in his case.

"There is not one particular golfer I model my game after, but I think it helps my game just by watching how they practice and play," Hale said.

Among his many accomplishments in golf, Hale won state during his senior year of high school, recording the third lowest score in the history of 3A state championships in the process.

After college Hale plans to play golf professionally by beginning on some smaller tours and working his way up. Even after all of the success that Hale has experienced, he continues to work even harder, intent on continuing to improve.

"Throughout this season I have struggled on my putting, so that is one part of my game that I am hoping to improve," Hale said. "Also, I have spent a lot of time practicing and working on my ball striking, and that has helped me to be more consistent throughout the season."

Samples agreed. "Cody has been successful because of his work ethic. He practices a lot."

It is clear that Hale's hard work has been paying off as evidenced by his success this season, highlighted by his first collegiate tournament win in the fall.

"One of the biggest differences in my game this year has got to be the way I have hit the ball," Hale said, "This year I have hit the ball not only better, but with much more consistency