Where are they now: Dale Armstrong
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Where are they now: Dale Armstrong

Dale Armstrong’s career is a varied one ranging from preaching to business. He played golf for 10 years professionally. He took some time to answer a few questions for Lipscombsports.com.

1. What sport did you play at Lipscomb? What years? Who were your coaches?

"I played golf during my years at Lipscomb from 1982-1986. My coach was Dr. Ralph Samples. He taught psychology at the university. He was a great man and loved what he did.”

2. What is your fondest athletic memory at Lipscomb?

“Going to the Nationals in Michigan my freshman year. We finished sixth or seventh in the nation that year. We had a great bunch of guys, and it was a great start to a fun four years. It was a lot of fun and something I would never forget."

3.  Who had the biggest influence on you during your athletic career at Lipscomb? How?

"Coach Ralph Samples and Coach Don Meyer. Coach Samples believed in me enough to get me a full golf scholarship, and I greatly appreciate him for that. Coach Meyer influenced me because I loved basketball and I loved his intensity he had for the sport and life. I just loved the way both he and Coach Samples did things."

4. What is your fondest non-athletic memory from your time at Lipscomb?

"Allowing me to graduate! No, there are so many memories I made. I am so thankful for Lipscomb because the people believed in me.

"I would have to say one memory is the memory of meeting my wife, but not knowing at the time she would be my wife. We didn’t date until after college, but now we have been married for 19 years."

5. What is the most valuable thing you gained or learned from your time at Lipscomb?

"I learned that there are great Christian men and women who really care for people. I learned from those people who truly cared about me that I could do anything. The belief of my dreams were never ever questions.

6.  Who was your favorite professor? Why?

"Marlin Connelly. He taught Speech and Freshman Bible. I had Freshmen Bible with him, and I was amazed at his faith and knowledge. His class was so great, and it was probably one of my favorite classes I took at Lipscomb."

7.  Where do you live now?

"Valdosta, Ga."

8.  Who is your employer? What is your occupation? What does your position entail?

" I raise money for Christian Schools to help fund them as well as preach at the Statenville Church of Christ. I also run a couple of businesses."

9. Tell us about your family.

"I have been married to my wife, Vivian, for 19 years. We have 4 children together, three boys and one girl. Dowling will turn 16 this year. Dawson is 14, Davis is 12 and Maryalice is 11. All of my children play golf as well."