What the golf community is saying about Will Brewer
Tuesday, September 4, 2012
What the golf community is saying about Will Brewer

Press McPhaul
Men’s head golf coach
East Carolina University

“Great news!!

“I enthusiastically congratulate Lipscomb University on a fantastic selection of Will Brewer as golf coach! As a coach, his golf knowledge is vast. As a player, he has excelled across decades. As a competitor, he is gritty.

“The true measure of why he is a good selection lies in his character. During my time in Nashville, Will's words, example, and faith were a great encouragement to me. Current players, prospects and parents can look at Lipscomb Golf with a feeling of security knowing that Will Brewer will be leading and serving well, not merely in golf, but in life as well. Congratulations Lipscomb!!”

Lou Graham

 “I have known Will Brewer about 40 years or more. He is one of the nicest and most caring people that I know.  He is a good family man with a wife and 3 children.   I have played golf with him many times.  He is not only a good player but a lot of fun with whom to play. Will has competed in many tournaments around the country and won many championships.

"He has two sons that he taught to play golf.  Will has helped me with my game on many occasions.  He is an excellent teacher.  He is a person that will be well-liked by his golf team. Lipscomb made a great selection, they will be very proud of Will Brewer. I am proud to say that he is my friend."

Dr. Ralph Samples
Former Lipscomb golf coach

“I certainly think Will was a great choice. He is a great golfer and a really good teacher.

“Will is the one who put the Lipscomb golf program on the map after he won the NAIA National Championship in 1976. He is fine person with a very pleasing personality who has a long tradition with his family at Lipscomb. I think he will do a great job.”

Ernest Ross
Men’s head golf coach
University of Mississippi

“Will is a great person, golfer, teacher, and role model. I know he will be a great coach. His players can learn a lot from him- not only about golf but also about life. Lipscomb's golf program just got better.”

Bob Beaudine
CEO Eastman & Beaudine
Author of “The Power of Who”

“I’ve known Will Brewer both professionally and personally for over 20 years, I also place College Coaches for a living. There is no question this is a great day to be a Lipscomb Golfer. Big things are ahead for this program!”

Greg Allen
Women’s head golf coach
Vanderbilt University

"I am thrilled for my mentor and dear friend Will Brewer. Lipscomb University has hired someone that will not only help the players get better on the golf course and in the classroom but Will will help them grow as young men. He has a tremendous ability to lead people and I have no doubt the he will do great things for Lipscomb."

Mark Guhne
Men’s head golf coach
University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

 “The Lipscomb golf program has made a gigantic leap forward with the return of Will Brewer as Men's golf coach.  He has competed and taught at the highest level and the contacts that he has in Tennessee and across the nation will prove invaluable to the team's progress.

“One thing Will has is a passion for teaching. He is a great teacher. He understands what it takes to win at this level not only how to swing a club, but how to play the game."

Buddy Harston
Women’s head golf coach
Lipscomb University

“I’ve known Will for a long time. The players are going to respect and look up to him. He will be their mentor for life.

“I don’t think Lipscomb could have hired a better guy. He fits well here.”