Men's golf travels to Grover Page Classic
Sunday, March 10, 2013
By Mark McGee
Men's golf travels to Grover Page Classic

JACKSON, Tenn. - The Lipscomb Bisons golf team will be out to rebound this week in the Grover Page Classic.

The tournament at the Jackson Country Club is the second of the spring for the Bisons. Coach Will Brewer expects a strong showing from his team based on workouts this past week after finishing in a tie for 11th at the North Ranch Intercollegiate hosted by Southern California and Pepperdine.

“They did not compete well,” Brewer said. “They know that. Had we competed well, like we did this past fall, I think we would have finished in the top seven or eight.

“They realize they made some mental mistakes. And they made some strategic mistakes on a very severe golf course. It was a reality check. But I think it motivated them.”

The California trip showed the effects of a lack of repetition, primarily due to the weather. Brewer also thought his players may have put additional pressure on themselves.

“They have greater expectations in their own minds because we did have a good fall,” Brewer said. “They put a little internal pressure on themselves.

“There are some goals we have set. I would love to win every tournament, but I want us to peak at the Atlantic Sun Conference Tournament.”

Several players put in extra time in practice following the California trip, even practicing on two days off.

“They know they are close, but they are not quite there,” Brewer said. “But they know by working on a couple of spots here and there and by making better decisions they are going to get there.

“We have to continue to do what we are doing and gradually improve. We will gradually be more confident.”

Brewer has seen a higher level of play in preparation for the Grover Page Classic from his players, especially Alex Cox, Blanton Farmer and Dustin Wilder.

“It’s a process,” Brewer said. “I’ve learned in coaching that golf is such a mental game. If I can get them to continue to believe and focus on the mental part of it I think they will gradually get better.

“They are committed. They are focused and motivated. But you can’t force anything. Golf can change in a hole or two or a shot or two. It can go negative or positive. We just need to have a positive mode in this tournament.”