Lipscomb golf takes major step toward the future
Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Lipscomb golf takes major step toward the future

 The unveiling of the new George Robert Frost Short Game Practice Area highlighted a special day for Lipscomb golf on Monday as Lipscomb took a huge leap forward towards the future success of the golf programs.

“This facility was much needed if the golf programs at Lipscomb are going to be competitive,” Will Brewer, Lipscomb’s Director of Golf and men’s head coach, said.

Lipscomb Athletic Director Philip Hutcheson and Brewer opened the ceremony with their thoughts, a few stories and even a couple of tears before uncovering a monument that read, George Robert Frost Short Game Practice Area “The Frosty”, Home of Lipscomb University Golf.

At the end of the ceremony, the men’s golf team lined up and took the first swings at the practice facility. Under the pressure of every onlooker, not one ball landed in the bunker, they all hit the green.

The practice area includes three greens for putting and chipping, two practice tees, four bunkers with two designed as fairway bunkers, an area to practice rough and fairway pitches and also an area to practice any type of uneven lie shots.

 “The vision of both golf programs at Lipscomb are becoming a reality,” Brewer said. “The facility is a tangible asset, a benchmark, a tipping point to get our programs moving in the right direction.”

“The Frosty” will be a great recruiting tool for both the Lipscomb men and women’s golf programs. It sets the foundation for the future and shows the dedication of all involved to build one of the best golf programs in the nation.

With the support and generous giving of donors and fans of Lipscomb golf, the programs are set on a course to be competitive sooner than later.

“We are eternally grateful and are indebted to Robert Frost and the others for years to come as the programs continue to grow,” said Brewer.

 “We want to build a championship program here at Lipscomb. We have increased our national ranking by more than 50 spots and our goal is to break into the top 100.”

Pieces of the puzzle are being placed and the short-game facility is the first piece in reaching that goal. It is the first real tangible entity and shows the authenticity of what the golf programs at Lipscomb are trying to do.

The Lipscomb brand will grow and become more recognizable across the nation as the programs grow and that is evident with the Bisons signing some of the highest-rated recruits in some time at Lipscomb.

“Support of Lipscomb golf is growing and everyone involved is tremendously excited about the product being placed on the course,” said Brewer. “The reality of having a place to go and practice the all-important short game only increases the chances of becoming relevant.”

Since early June, the short-game facility has been under construction with the layout created by Jester Design. After 12 long hard weeks, the design became a reality with the opening on September 16, 2013.

“The Frosty is one of the best short-game facilities in the south and is sure to help recruiting efforts”, said Brewer. “It will help the teams develop and hone their skills in the all-important scoring area of golf, the short game.”

The 28th annual Barry Brewer Bison Golf Scramble featured 120 players and was stated by multiple participants as being “the best ever”.

There were plenty of chances to win some great prizes.

Two brand new vehicles were placed at two par 3’s. If someone had hit a hole-in-one, a car would have been theirs. Also, a Pebble Beach Getaway was being given on another par 3. At the end of the day, no one found the cup.

Hilton Dean, Galen Foster, Daniel Green and Cameron Hunt took home first place with a scorecard of 56 (16-under). Marty Roe, Scott Holden, Kurt Howell and Dale Armstrong followed with a 57 for second place while Paul Hogg, Brian Chance and Landon Darnell placed third with a 58.

It could not have been a more perfect day for the Barry Brewer Golf Scramble.

As the sun set in the background and the light from the good Lord shined down, Brewer said, “The future is bright! ‘Greater things are to come in this city’.

 “Everything for this event was done as it should have been. It showed excellence as a university.”