"Down Under With Dawson" Part One
Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lipscomb sophomore golfer Dawson Armstrong is in Australia this week to compete in the Australian Master of the Amateurs tournament, one of the top amateur golf tournaments in the world. Follow along as he journals his about his trip and competition. The tournament gets under way on Wednesday. 

 So, this is the first journal I have made for the blog that is "Down Under with Dawson"... and I must say I have quite a bit to cover in such a short few sentences.  First off, jet lag is real!  Although the flight from the USA to Melbourne was easy, thanks to Qantas airlines, we all had a hard time adjusting.  We were all exhausted for the first day or so trying to get used to the sun still being out as late as 9:30 pm.  We had to find things exciting to do in order to keep ourselves awake and that we did. 

 As soon as we get settled into our apartment, the first thing we did was go right back outdoors and walk less than a mile to the beach, where nothing but beauty was displayed.  We stayed there for a while and by the time we got back to the apartment it was already 8:00 p.m.  So, as well expected, we crashed as soon as we sat down due to exhaustion.  After that day, it was smooth sailing for all of us for sleep... and the real activities began. 

 The second day of our trip, Saturday, came around, and I am started to think about preparation for the tournament.  So I got up and practiced for about two hours after getting in a solid workout in the late morning.  The practice session was great, but by this time I was ready to explore Melbourne some more. So we decided to go to Phillip Island, an Island known for penguins coming in around dusk.  Even though we did not see the penguins, we did get a glimpse at wild kangaroos, which is what I was most excited to see.  As Saturday progressed, we went to a beautiful beach to get dinner and actually ate kangaroo which was surprisingly nice.  After the day was over, it was time for me to really buckle down and prepare for the tournament.

Today is Sunday and our family decided to go to Hillsong Church, which is famous for creating amazing worship songs, and the service did not let any of us down.  Great singing, a great lesson, and a bunch of "amens" were experienced this morning.  After all of this it is time for my practice round at The Royal Melbourne Golf Club... but I will have to cover that in the next entry of "Down Under with Dawson"!