"Down Under With Dawson" Part Three
Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lipscomb sophomore golfer Dawson Armstrong was in Australia last week to compete in the Australian Master of the Amateurs tournament, one of the top amateur golf tournaments in the world. This journal completes the series where he gives his insight on playing against some of the world's top competition.  Make sure to watch the video feature produced by the tournament. 

My dad has always asked me the simple question after I play tournaments like this, and that is "Why do you play?"  I always answer with the typical stubborn response "to learn." This week was no exception to the question being asked.  Even though I did not play my best this week, I did learn a bunch and will definitely grow from this. 

First off, I learned that bad results happen even from the best of production.  This could not be truer for this week as I got extremely frustrated with good shots ending up 20 yards over a green or even in a bunker nowhere near where my ball should have landed.  I had to learn to stay patient no matter the circumstances and take what the golf course will give me, and this will definitely help me this upcoming spring season.

I also learned that I must become better on putting... and I thought I was already really good.  At the beginning of the week, the head professional said "you have not fully experienced Royal Melbourne until you have a 30 footer downhill and downwind"... and I felt the pain very quickly.  I learned that my speed must be better as well as my green reading skills. 

All of this might sound like golf terminology for me saying I hated my experience here in Australia.  I will say I absolutely loved the experience here! The tournament's slogan is "Live the Dream", and I know for a fact that I did live the dream.  Thank you so much for tuning in these three journals and I cannot wait to show the Lipscomb world what we as a golf team and I as a player can really do!!