Men's Soccer Team Donates Uniforms to Haiti Orphanage
Thursday, July 31, 2008
Men's Soccer Team Donates Uniforms to Haiti Orphanage

The Cap Haitian orphanage soccer team looks a lot like the Lipscomb Bisons this summer.

Dr. Lynn Griffith, long-time professor and director of tennis for Lipscomb, has been involved for many years in missionary work in Haiti. He often will ask for contributions for special needs. This year he asked Bisons soccer coach Charles Morrow if he had any old uniforms he no longer needed.

Morrow responded by sending a home and away package of uniforms. One set is purple and black and the other is all white.

“Those uniforms were a year old when I came here as the coach,” said Morrow. “We have sent old soccer balls down there. Every time Lynn goes down there he will asks us if we have access to any old stuff.”

Morrow and the soccer program have also helped others in the mission field with used, but serviceable, soccer equipment obtained from a number of sources.

“It is amazing how something we would never miss can have such an impact in these countries,” Morrow said. “Soccer is a big deal in almost every country.”

Haiti is an extremely poor country. The children at the orphanage deal with poverty on a daily basis.

“They are the poorest of the poor in a third world country,” Morrow said. “They basically have nothing. I can’t imagine their lifestyle.”

Griffith said the shipment of uniforms arrived the day of the team’s first game of the season.

“We are glad to help them out,” said Morrow. “We know they will appreciate more so than anyone else. They will be able to use those uniforms for a long time.”