McGee Times Three: Family Revolves Around Soccer, Music
Thursday, October 27, 2011
McGee Times Three: Family Revolves Around Soccer, Music

Lipscomb goalkeeper Brent McGee was busy keeping Belmont’s players from scoring, but he still was able to pause and appreciate a special moment.

With Brent in goal and twin brother Evan at midfield it was announced that their little brother, Shea, a freshman forward, would be entering the game. It was the first time that all three brothers had been on the field at the same time in a college game.

“That was the first thing I thought about when I saw Shea was coming onto the field,” Brent said. “The only problem was that my parents were watching the game on A-Sun TV and that was the one point in the game when it cut out.”

Soccer has played a major role for all three brothers. They played outside in the yard, but also devised ways to play in the basement.

“We played soccer and basketball every day,” Evan said. “It was pretty competitive at home.”

Shea, as is the case with many younger siblings, often had to fight for his place.

“It was tough for me,” Shea said. “I never have wanted to let my brothers down. I just have always given my best and whatever happens will happen.”

Both Evan and Brent knew there was a possibility that Shea could follow them to Lipscomb. Shea started on his high school team as a freshman.

“We all three played together for one year in high school,” Evan said. “We got to play a lot together then. We all three started every game. We are used to it, but it is a whole different atmosphere playing at the Division I level.

“It never really crossed my mind that all three of us would play together here until Shea became a senior in high school. I thought it would be a pretty cool experience. I put a lot of pressure on Shea to come here.”

Each brother lives in a different place on campus, but they find time to get together to break down games and practices.

“I play a little more physical than Shea,” Evan said. “But as the season has gone on Shea has become a more physical player.

“That is generally how it happens in college. After a couple of months you realize you have to start battling.”

Shea chose Lipscomb over Harding. The deciding factor for Shea was that his brothers were wearing Lipscomb uniforms.

“It was my last chance to see if I could make a team and play with them again,” Shea said. “It was fun to play on the same team with them in high school. They help me out on the field and off of the field.”

Evan and Brent are twins, but they are not identical in either physical traits or personalities.

“I am more short tempered than Evan,” Brent said. “On the field I have more aggressive approach when I talk to people. Evan can be that way too, but as a goalkeeper I have to be an enforcer.

“On the field you can tell Shea is a freshman. He is trying to work everything out. He is getting more confident every day. I try to let him know things he needs to improve.”

The three McGees have more than soccer in common. All three are also accomplished guitar players and have performed at different venues on campus. They also have an older brother, Austin, who graduated from Lipscomb and lives in Nashville.

Brent’s father had played guitar at one time in his life. Brent was always intrigued by the instrument from the time the time he was 8. But it wasn’t until high school when one of his friends played Thunderstruck by AC/DC that Brent was convinced he was going to learn how to play the guitar.

“I thought that was awesome,” Brent said. “At some point in my life I wanted to learn to play Thunderstruck. “

A classic 1997 Gibson Les Paul is Brent’s guitar of choice. Evan and Shea both play acoustic guitars. The general consensus is that Brent is the best musician.

“I love my guitar,” Brent said. “It has an orange sunburst. We have a 70s Epiphone guitar that my Dad got his freshman year in college. Shea and Evan both play acoustic.”

Brent, inspired by the late Clarence Clemons who was part of Bruce Springsteen’s band, has also added the saxophone to his repertoire.

“I started playing my freshman year here,” Brent said. “I took lessons and I was able to get a credit for it.”

The three brothers spend time practicing music and playing soccer, but they each live in a different place on campus.

“It’s great to spend time with your family,” Brent said. “We don’t get tired of each other.”

Written by Mark McGee, Senior Publisher/Director of Media Relations.