Lupinek updates from fall camp
Thursday, August 9, 2012
Lupinek updates from fall camp

Lipscomb men's soccer will be providing a blog and short videos throughout fall camp and the upcoming season. Freshman Alex Lupinek shares his thoughts on the first day.

The first day of training went very smooth. I think most of us enjoyed getting to knock the ball around and scrimmage in our first session after having worked very hard to pass our fitness test earlier in the morning. There is so much emphasis placed on fitness itself that running really does take the largest priority building up to the season. The stronger and fitter you are, the more your skills and technique can show. Running our fitness test, "The cooper" meant having to run 2 miles in 12 minutes. It was challenging but the majority of us passed and that sets a good standard for the beginning of the season--giving everyone confidence in our physical ability. 

It was great getting to finally see all the team together, and our play today was definitely a good start. Obviously there is work to be done, because in soccer you can always improve.

Taking a break after our first training session to stretch, "roll out" and take ice baths felt really good. Focusing on recovery is extremely important during our down time no matter how long it is. Because we will be out training soon, preparing our bodies is essential. Eating, stretching, icing, and resting, are all things we can be doing to help ourselves for the next session.

Overall, today was a great start to training and I think I can speak for the entire team when I say that we are excited to get into the swing of things. Everyone is giving everything we have to make this season one of the best seasons Lipscomb men’s soccer has ever had.

-Alex Lupinek