Schnurbusch updates from fall camp
Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Schnurbusch updates from fall camp

Lipscomb men's soccer will be providing a blog and short videos throughout fall camp and the upcoming season.John Schnurbusch updates on the rigors of training and installing a system of play. Luke Gearin talks about the entire day through the eyes of a newcomer.


Tuesday 14th August

Tuesday started with the regular 7 a.m.  pre-season team breakfast. The boys all fueled up (some more than others) for what was going to be a very productive day. 

Training began at 8:45 a.m. for most of the squad. We were then joined by the fitness campers who were out running the cooper test. Congrats to Reecey (Reece Holcombe) who graduated from fitness camp with a good time under the 12 minute mark. Training went really well and a lot progress was made in getting the ball to goal, an area that will make the team very exciting to support this season. 

The returning players have all made a great effort to make myself and the other new guys feel very welcome and part of the team. I have learned a lot about a number of the players in a very short amount of time. 


 Some quick facts people may not know about some of the players on the Lipscomb men's soccer team:

 - Ryan Savitsky speaks some Russian and has promised to show me where the best pizza in New York is.

 - Omar Djabi has a personalized I-phone cover with his own photo on it.

 - Ethan Summers can recite the whole Pokemon theme song.

 - Daniel Erlandson claims that the waffles in the back of his car are lucky and have been in there since January.


After lunch the whole squad made their way over to Sewell for individual photos, a task that some (Kyle Erickson) enjoyed more than others, hopefully the shots fall into the hands of a good editor and we all scrub up ok.

The afternoon training session was attacked with a real enthusiasm and you can feel that game day (Thursday 7:00pm Lipscomb Soccer Complex) is fast approaching. The session ended with an 11 v 11 game where both teams put together solid performances with a few goals being scored. Notable mention to Jeremy Reid who I think may have scored his first ever goal today, well done mate.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone at Lipscomb for making me feel very welcome here. Everyone has been very helpful which has made the transition from Cronulla, Australia to Nashville, Tennessee very smooth.

The team and I hope to see you all at our first game on Thursday.


Luke Gearin

August 13, 2012

Monday was a very busy day for some of the freshman and transfers because of Advance, the new student orientation. This meant waiting in long lines in the Student Center to receive an information packet and then rushing to attempt to be at practice on time.

Being back at morning training, after a nice day of rest, was a good feeling. You could tell from the start that the team had been re-energized, since we took training off Sunday and let our bodies recuperate. The drills we started off with were very good with a high level of play. Mother Nature had other intentions for us than training, because a storm rolled in about forty-five minutes into training, cutting our session short.

As in previous days, the training room was full of soccer players attempting to recover from their injuries with the help of our trainer, Clint. The rehabilitation process is vital for our bodies after all the training sessions because of the wear and tear we get from working so hard in training and the individual battles that takes place in our drills. From hopping in the frigid water of the cold pool to help our leg recover, to the exercises we do to help strengthen our bodies, to the ultra-sound and ice-and-stem machines we use to help our individual muscles recover, the athletic trainers and their equipment is just as important to the success of us, athletes, as the training we do on the field.

Back at evening training, the main emphasis the coaches were trying to drill into our heads was our system of play. The first half of the session the squad was divided; with Coach Morrow working with our players in the attacking third, going towards goal, and Coach Burk and Caulfield working with us in the defensive third on our shape and transitioning. Throughout training there was some confusion but with repetition after repetition you could clearly see the improvement of the system throughout the team. At last, we came together for a full-sided scrimmage to put what we had been learning into play. Overall as a team we are headed in a positive direction and we are continuing to learn the style of play the coaches want us to play and we look to continue to improve that each training session.

John Schnurbusch