Trinidad Mission: Day two recap
Saturday, December 21, 2013
By Jared Hensely
Trinidad Mission: Day two recap

The day started off as any normal day in Trinidad; Klotz singing his catchy “morning song” and the team refusing to get up because of the soreness that we have from the game Monday night. After some complaining and the occasional whining, the team came together after some delicious breakfast and talked about our highlights of the day before and our goals were for the day ahead. The responses were relatively short since we had quickly discovered that you never know what is going to happen during a day in Trinidad.

We then hopped into the maxi taxis and traveled to a park in Port of Spain to hang out with some teens that were in a program called Life Sport that aides teens to build character and to keep them out of trouble. To be honest, we didn’t know what to expect from these guys but much to our surprise they were just like us. We then proceeded to sit down under the shade of two mango trees and talk, play a little bit of soccer, and chow down on the occasional mango.  

Sadly, it came time for us to leave so we loaded the buses and continued on to a fun time at a mall for lunch and exploration followed by our drive to the swamp, I mean soccer field. However, perhaps the coolest thing happened on the drive there, some of the guys on my maxi taxi began to talk amongst each other. What started out as small talk quickly turned into a deep conversation about our faith and what it means to be a Christian.

Because of that simple conversation, our small little group became closer and found out things about one another that we never would have known if we had not had that conversation. When we finally arrived at the field, we played Trinidad’s National U17 team that consisted of much sliding in the five feet of mud that engulfed the field and a couple of goals that included two outstanding headers from our own Josh Russell and Cameron Botes.

Later on that night when we came back together to share about the game, the guys really started to open up. Grendel surprised all of us when he was moved to share his testimony to us, and personally it really fired me up to hear his story. Overall, the day was a huge success both for the Kingdom of God and for us as a team.