Trinidad mission: Day four recap
Saturday, December 28, 2013
By Cameron Botes
Trinidad mission: Day four recap


We started the day early by waking up at 5:40 a.m. to go the airport to fly to Tobago.  After going through the shortest security ever, we made the long 20 minute flight to Tobago where we wasted no time by walking straight to the beach from the airport.


Everyone was pretty tired so most of us slept on the beach while a few went into the clear water.  Then we ate some delicious fish sandwiches (flying fish bake) before going on a double decker glass bottom boat to the Buccoo Reef.  The water paired with the tropical island made for a beautiful scene.  Once at the reef we snorkeled and saw all the beautiful coral and colorful fish in the reef. 


Josh Russell missed out and stayed in the boat because he wouldn’t swim.  We then proceeded to the Nylon pool.  Meanwhile there was two periods of like 15 minutes where it would rain (typical Trinidad and Tobago weather).  The nylon pool was a lot of fun because we could get out of the boat into 3 feet of water at a sand bar with sand that was soothing for the skin. 


We rubbed it all over ourselves and each other and had smooth skin.  We had chicken fights without using our hands, which was a fun time and good bonding experience.  After this, the boat made its last stop at a deserted island where we tried but failed to get coconuts. 


Eventually we made our way back to the main beach where we were picked up.  All of us were hungry so we ate some local crab and dumplings.  The crab was too much work so I gave up and just ate the dumpling then bought snacks and ice cream. 


Next we did some shopping at some local shops and bought trinkets.  However, Josh Kolbo and I had the right idea by going to a fruit stand and buying some delicious fresh papaya.   By the time we got back everyone was either sitting around zoned out or sleeping because they were so tired and sunburnt. 


Soon after we all walked along a road to a different spot where Scout Monteith was baptized by Klotzy in the ocean.  This experience was awesome because this marks a new beginning in Scout’s life and you could not ask for a more perfect setting than God setting the sun below the edge of the ocean.  After prayer and hugs we just took in the beautiful sky and all of Tobago. 


Next, we got pizza for dinner in a Church’s Chicken store which was odd yet the pizza was good.  Tired from the sun and the whole day we walked to the airport and left the beautiful Tobago.  All in all Tobago was awesome and one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen.  What was especially cool was having Bobby, a guy who works for Anton and lives in a shack, fly on his first plane and come with us to Tobago.  This day was also good because Charles didn’t make us play on this day even though we were supposed to. 


Cameron Botes