Bisons Give WKU A Tough Time in Tennis
Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Lipscomb's Bisons tennis team fell 6-1 at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green Friday night, but the matches were much closer than the final score might indicate.

David Carrillo won the only match for the Bisons, defeating David Bowman 6-4, 6-1.

The Bisons are still searching for their first victory after five setbacks.

"This was won of those matches that looks like we got beat real bad, but when people examine the scores, they see it was very close," said Lipscomb tennis coach Lynn Griffith. "Obviously, the season is not starting as we would like it to. However, we are battling through some injuries and an ineligible player."

Griffith is confident that the early season trials will help the team overall.

"Going through this now will make us a better team in April," Griffith said. "The players understand what is going on and keep on battling. Something good will happen to this team."



1.Rabinovics Paipars (WK) d. Sherman & Jones 8-5

2.C.True & K.True (WK) d. Bowman & Chappell 8-6

3.Serra & Bowman (WK) d. Houston & Carrillo 8-2


1.Stan Rabionvics (WK) d. Pedro Franco 6-2,6-1

2.Mikus Paipars (WK) d. Jon Houston 6-2,6-2

3.Franco Serra (WK) d. Mike Sherman 6-3,6-3

4.Kyle True (WK) d. Zach Bowman 4-6,6-1,7-5

5.Chad True (WK) d. Colten Jones 6-0,4-6, 13-11 (super-tiebreaker)

6.David Carrillo (L) d. David Bowman 6-4,6-1