Bisons sweep Alabama A&M 7-0 in tennis match
Sunday, February 11, 2007

Feb. 11, 2007

The Lipscomb Bisons tennis team beat Alabama A&M Saturday, sweeping the match 7-0.

Mike Sherman, Jeff West, Colten Jones and Josh Cummings all won their singles matches. Alabama A&M forfeited the fifth and sixth singles matches.

Cummings is 3-1 this season in singles matches.

In doubles play David Carrillo and Hangstefer won 8-1 and West and Andy Mizell teamed to win 8-0. Alabama A&M forfeited the third match.


No.1 Carrillo-Hangstefer (LU) def. Turner-Rodgers (AL) 8-1

No.2 West-Mizell (LU) def. Gray-McKinney (AL) 8-0

No.3 Forfeit Alabama A&M


No. 1 Mike Sherman (LU) def. Jamal Truner (AL) 6-1. 6-0

No. 2 Jeff West (LU) def. Amante Gray (AL) 6-0, 6-0

No. 3 Colten Jones (LU) def. Greg Rodgers (AL) 8-0

No. 4 Josh Cummings (LU) def. West McKinney (AL) 8-0

No. 5 Forfeit Alabama A & M

No. 6 Forfeif Alabama A&M