Bisons establish themselves early in match against Memphis
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feb. 15, 2008

The Bisons traveled to Memphis on February 15, 2008 where they played the University of Memphis. The Bisons established themselves early in doubles but unfortunately could not pull off a win.


1) Hangstefer/Hernandez vs. Narasimham/Ramsay UM won 8-6

2) Mizell/Cummings vs. Khongassian/Nasemann UM won 8-0

3) West/McArdle vs. Gaerthouffner/Fischer UM won 8-4

1) Hangstefer vs. Narasimham UM won 6-4, 6-4

2) West vs. Nasemann UM won 6-0, 6-2

3) Hernandez vs. Khongassian UM won 7-6, 6-7 (10-4)

4) Cummings vs. Gaerthouffner UM won 6-0, 6-3

5) McArdle vs. Ramsay UM won 6-3, 6-0

6) Murrell vs. Fischer UM won 6-3, 6-2

"We came out in the beginning and really established ourselves early on in the doubles. Unfortunately though as the matches went on we were not able to make the shot we needed to at the crucial points," said Coach Andrew Harris. "As far as singles, there were a few matches that were close and we had opportunities to put points on the board but were not able to close out those tight games. That is just a matter of experience and learning to be in the moment."

The Bisons will travel to Nichols State University on February 16th.